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$2.50/mo OpenVZ VPS: 2 CPU Cores + 2GB Ram + 30GB SSD Disk + Unmetered Bandwidth

Special Offer: Just $2.50/mo (recurring) for a OpenVZ Virtualization plan with 2 CPU Cores + 2GB Ram + 30GB SSD Disk + Unmetered Bandwidth, 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD Disk, 1 IP Address, Free IPv6 Addresses, Unmetered Bandwidth, OpenVZ Virtualization.
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About ServerCheap.Net

ServerCheap.Net founded in 2015, based in Chicago. They're are renting racks in Coresite datacenter and currently offers quality pure ssd virtual machines and unmetered bandwidth at one of the lowest prices on the market.
They offer PayPal as a payment method. Take an looks on their TOS/AUP, Privacy Policy, DMCA before ordering.

Overview on ServerCheap Servers:

  • Minimum of 20gb/s to each rack.
  • 208v UPS/Generator Backed power.
  • APC Brand powerstrips.
  • All server are equipped with enterprise server grade hardware for maximum performance and stability.
  • The network has 70 Gb/s backbone capacity via Telia, GTT, Comcast and Cogent providers.

Contact to ServerCheap.Net

Locations & Test Information

Tzulo/CoreSite Chicago USA

Test IPv4:

Test IPv6: 2607:9000:0:35::1

Test file: