Linode Promo Code – Free $100 Credit On October 2021

Today, I would like to shares with you the latest Linode Coupon Codes that help you get the maximum free credit from this great web hosting company. Like DigitalOcean and Vultr, Linode is known as a cheap VPS hosting provider in the World, their VPS prices starting at just $5/month with 1 GB RAM – 1 CPU Core – 20GB SSD Storage – 1TB Transfer. Currently, Linode has 11 data centers in three regions (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe); you can test IP and check the network speed of any location at the end of this post.

Linode Promo Code - Free $100 Credit On October 2021

Besides the monthly plan, Linode is also offering “Hourly billing”, which means you are charged the hourly rate for a service up to its monthly cap.

For the first time you sign up for Linode, you will need a credit card to charge the fee. After that, you can use your Paypal to add credit to your account.

Linode Free Credit Coupon Codes in October 2021

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(*) Notes: 

  • The Free Credit offer just valid for New Account.
  • Linode offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!
  • Payment method accepted: Paypal – Credit Card.

Linode Plans and Pricing

Linode offers many different vps plans at different prices, you can easy to choice a plan that fit for your site. Also, they have accepts the hourly billing for every vps plans, so you can choose resources you want and only pay for what you ‘actually' use.

Standard PlansDedicated CPU PlansHigh Memory Plans
PLANRAMCPUStorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutPrice
Nanode 1GB1 GB1 Core25 GB SSD1 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$5 / mo ($.0075 / hr)
Linode 2GB2 GB1 Core50 GB SSD2 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$10 / mo ($.015 / hr)
Linode 4GB4 GB2 Cores80 GB SSD4 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$20 / mo ($.03 / hr)
Linode 8GB8 GB4 Cores160 GB SSD5 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$40 / mo ($.06 / hr)
Linode 16GB16 GB6 Cores320 GB SSD8 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$80 / mo ($.12 / hr)
Linode 32GB32 GB8 Cores640 GB SSD16 TB40 Gbps2000 Mbps$160 / mo ($.24 / hr)
Linode 64GB64 GB16 Cores1280 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps4000 Mbps$320 / mo ($.48 / hr)
Linode 96GB96 GB20 Cores1920 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps6000 Mbps$480 / mo ($.72 / hr)
Linode 128GB128 GB24 Cores2560 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps8000 Mbps$640 / mo ($.96 / hr)
Linode 192GB192 GB32 Cores3840 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps10000 Mbps$960 / mo ($1.44 / hr)
PLANRAMCPUStorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutPrice
Dedicated 4GB4 GB2 Cores25 GB SSD4 TB40 Gbps4000 Mbps$30 / mo ($.045 / hr)
Dedicated 8GB8 GB4 Cores50 GB SSD5 TB40 Gbps5000 Mbps$60 / mo ($.09 / hr)
Dedicated 16GB16 GB8 Cores100 GB SSD6 TB40 Gbps6000 Mbps$120 / mo ($.18 / hr)
Dedicated 32GB32 GB16 Cores200 GB SSD7 TB40 Gbps7000 Mbps$240 / mo ($.36 / hr)
Dedicated 64GB64 GB32 Cores400 GB SSD8 TB40 Gbps8000 Mbps$480 / mo ($.72 / hr)
Dedicated 96GB96 GB48 Cores600 GB SSD9 TB40 Gbps9000 Mbps$720 / mo ($1.08 / hr)
PLANRAMCPUStorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutPrice
Linode 24GB24 GB1 Core20 GB SSD5 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$60 / mo ($.09 / hr)
Linode 48GB48 GB2 Cores40 GB SSD6 TB40 Gbps1500 Mbps$120 / mo ($.18 / hr)
Linode 90GB90 GB4 Cores90 GB SSD7 TB40 Gbps3000 Mbps$240 / mo ($.36 / hr)
Linode 150GB150 GB8 Cores200 GB SSD8 TB40 Gbps6000 Mbps$480 / mo ($.72 / hr)
Linode 300GB300 GB16 Cores340 GB SSD9 TB40 Gbps10000 Mbps$960 / mo ($1.44 / hr)

Linode Datacenters & Network Speed Test

Linode Promo Code - Free $100 Credit On October 2021

Download a file in the below list to find the best location for your Linode, you should choose the location that closest to you and your clients because it's always gives the fastest speed when access to your sites.

FacilityHostnameTest Download
 North America  US Eastspeedtest.newark.linode.com100MB-newark.bin
 North America  US Southspeedtest.atlanta.linode.com100MB-atlanta.bin
 North America  US Centralspeedtest.dallas.linode.com100MB-dallas.bin
 North America  US Westspeedtest.fremont.linode.com100MB-fremont.bin
 Europe  Frankfurtspeedtest.frankfurt.linode.com100MB-frankfurt.bin
 CA Central  Torontospeedtest.toronto1.linode.com100MB-toronto.bin
 AP South  Singaporespeedtest.singapore.linode.com100MB-singapore.bin
 AP Northeast  Tokyo 2, Japanspeedtest.tokyo2.linode.com100MB-tokyo2.bin
 AP West  Mumbai, Indiaspeedtest.mumbai1.linode.com100MB-mumbai.bin
 AP Southeast  Sydney,

Good luck guys 🙂


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