Linode Coupon & Promo Codes March 2018: Free $20 Credit

Today, I will share the linode coupon to everyone get the discount on this great web hosting company. Like DigitalOcean and Vultr, Linode as known as a cheap vps provider, their cheapest plan is $5/month includes 1 GB RAM – 1 CPU Core – 20GB SSD Storage – 1TB Transfer. Linode is also offer the “pay-as-you-go” method which mean that charges based on usage, you just pay for what you stored on their server.

Linode Coupon & Promo Codes March 2018: Free $20 Credit

Linode Promo Codes

  – Get $20 Free Credit For New Account.
  – Free $20 Credit when Sign up !
  – $20 bonus on any new account !
  – $10 Free Credit !
  – $10 Free Credit – Bonus !
*** Notes: 
  • The Free Credit offer just valid for New Account.
  • First, you need pay with Credit Card, then you can use Paypal to credit your account.
  • There’s no limit of time period of the free credit must be used.

Linode Plans and Pricing

PlanPriceRamCoreSSD StorageTransferNetwork In/Out
Standard Plans
Linode 1GB$5/mo1GB1CPU20GB1 TB40Gbps/1000Mbps
Linode 2GB$10/mo2GB1CPU30GB2 TB40Gbps/1000Mbps
Linode 4GB$20/mo4GB2CPU48GB3 TB40Gbps/1000Mbps
Linode 8GB$40/mo8GB4CPU96GB4 TB40Gbps/1000Mbps
Linode 12GB$80/mo12GB6CPU192GB8 TB40Gbps/1000Mbps
High Memory Plans
Linode 16GB$60/mo16GB1CPU20GB5 TB40Gbps/1000Mbps
Linode 32GB$120/mo32GB2CPU40GB6 TB40Gbps/1500Mbps
Linode 60GB$240/mo60GB4CPU90GB7 TB40Gbps/3000Mbps
Linode 100GB$480/mo100GB8CPU200GB8 TB40Gbps/6000Mbps
Linode 200GB$960/mo200GB16CPU340GB9 TB40Gbps/10000Mbps

Linode Datacenters & Speed Test

Currently, Linode have 9 Data Centers on 3 Regions (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe). Let download a file in list below to find the best location for your Linode, you should choose the location that closest to you and your clients because it’s always gives the fastest speed when access to your sites.

FacilityHostnameTest Download
 North America  US Eastspeedtest.newark.linode.com100MB-newark.bin
 North America  US Southspeedtest.atlanta.linode.com100MB-atlanta.bin
 North America  US Centralspeedtest.dallas.linode.com100MB-dallas.bin
 North America  US Westspeedtest.fremont.linode.com100MB-fremont.bin
 Europe  Frankfurtspeedtest.frankfurt.linode.com100MB-frankfurt.bin
 Asia Pacific  Singaporespeedtest.singapore.linode.com100MB-singapore.bin
 Asia Pacific  Tokyo 2, Japanspeedtest.tokyo2.linode.com100MB-tokyo2.bin

Okay, Good luck, guys 🙂

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