Cloudways Cloud Hosting Free For 6 Months ($60 Free Credit)

Cloudways is offering up to $60 hosting credit for free to any new user who registered a new account with them at this time. That equals up to six months of free cloud hosting you can take out from this provider.

Cloudways Cloud Hosting Free For 6 Months ($60 Free Credit)

A few days ago, I introduced how to get 30% off for six months on Cloudways, and until today, this is still the deepest percentage discount for monthly bills you can enjoy. That is an excellent offer but suitable closer to those who have known and trusted Cloudways’s managed cloud hosting service and have decided to choose Cloudways for their applications.

However, in case you are totally new to Cloudways, I recommend choosing the free credit offer rather than the offer for a percentage off. That is because you can use free credits on cloud hosting at Cloudways instead of real money, so if you are unhappy with the services, you can leave them out anytime and won’t lose anything. And the best time to claim Cloudways Free Credit is now on.

Cloudways currently offer up to $60 in hosting credit for free for new customers. This is the highest free credit amount you have the chance to claim until now and equals about six months of free cloud hosting on Cloudways. In order to claim it, all you need to do is use the $60 coupon when creating a new account, as in the steps below:

How to get $60 Free Credit at Cloudways

  1. Visit Cloudways promotional page here.
  2. Click on the Start Free Now button, or you can also click the View Plans button and the Try For Free button.
  3. Under the Sign Up page, enter your information to create a new account.
  4. Then, click on the Got a Promo Code? link, enter the coupon WCUS22 . You will see the green check icon in case that code is validated.
    Cloudways Cloud Hosting Free For 6 Months ($60 Free Credit)
  5. Then, tick to I agree to the Cloudways Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.
  6. Then, click the Start Free button. And do all the required steps to validate your account.
  7. After validating, log in to your Cloudways account, and navigate to Account ⇒ Funds. You will see a $60 free credit has been funded there.
    Cloudways Cloud Hosting Free For 6 Months ($60 Free Credit)
  8. Congrats, you’re done!

This $60 has no expiry date term, so that you can own it forever. Please note that this offer is only valid for new customers and valid for a limited period. Existing Cloudways accounts can not redeem this coupon.

You can also follow the latest promotions at Cloudways, such as a free credit offer of $30-$50 or 30% 20% 10% off cloud hosting, on this Cloudways Discount Codes page.

Good luck 🙂

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