Cloudways Offers Object Cache Pro Free For Customers

Suppose you are using cloud hosting on Cloudways, Congrats. In that case, you will now have a chance to get Object Cache Pro for your server and enjoy many benefits of this business-class object cache plugin without paying any extra fee.

Cloudways Offers Object Cache Pro Free For Customers

What is Object Cache Pro

Object Cache Pro is a caching plugin for WordPress and other applications that eases the load on your database and server hardware to deliver queries faster and thus speeds up your applications. It is a reliable, highly-optimized, business-class object caching backend for large-scale WordPress sites and high-volume WooCommerce stores.

Why should you use Object Cache Pro? Here are some key benefits of this technology you will receive:

  • WordPress object cache API compliant
  • Easy debugging & logging
  • Cache prefetching and analytics
  • Fully unit tested (100% code coverage)
  • Secure connections with TLS
  • Health checks via WordPress & WP CLI
  • Optimized for WooCommerce, Jetpack & Yoast SEO
  • Faster binary serialization support
  • LZF, LZ4 and ZSTD compression
  • Asynchronous flushing
  • Batch key prefetching
  • Batcache & WP Rocket support
  • Uses semantic versioning
  • Network (multisite) support
  • Works as Must-Use Plugin
  • Extensive and useful documentation
  • Cache analytics
  • Premium support

Let’s see how Object Cache Pro compare with the other cache plugins

Cloudways Offers Object Cache Pro Free For Customers
(*) Source: Object Cache Pro

You see, you will receive many benefits for your website using Object Cache Pro on the server. However, most common users choose to use the Redis Object Cache free version or another plugin instead of Object Cache Pro; it’s just because of the costs. In fact, Object Cache Pro’s price of $95 /month ($950 yearly) seems too expensive for most website owners in general.

Uses Object Cache Pro Free On Cloudways Platform

Good news! Cloudways is now partnership with Object Cache Pro to bring this powerful cache plugin free of charge for its valued customers. That means Object Cache Pro is now part of Cloudways’s core offering and is available to all customers who have 2GB or higher servers (not for 1 GB) with a minimum version of PHP is 7.3 or higher. The setup is simple for both new and existing users.

  • If you launch new servers on Cloudways, Object Cache Pro will be pre-installed and you can manage it under Server Management > Tools > Site Health on Cloudways’s platform.
  • In case you have existing servers and want to enjoy this feature, you must install it manually. To do so, navigate to the Cloudways Server Management Panel > Setting & Packages > Packages and click Install Redis. For more steps, please have a look at this guide.

By providing the premium plugin Object Cache Pro free to customers, Cloudways helped them save up to $95 in their monthly invoices. It’s a considerable cost-saving, especially for Starters, making Cloudways the first choice of managed cloud hosting platform compared to competitors.

You can always create a new account, launch a free server, and check how Cloudways + Object Cache Pro improves the speed of your application. Or, if you have trusted Cloudways’s hosting, you can use our Exclusive Cloudways Promo Code NEWCOUPONS to enjoy up to 30% Off for 3 months and save money.

I hope this helps 🙂

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