94% OFF Disconnect.Me VPN Lifetime Deal On June 2023

Limited time offer! Sign up for a Disconnect VPN lifetime account today for up to 94% OFF – Starting at just $19.99 one-time payment.

94% OFF Disconnect.Me VPN Lifetime Deal On June 2023

Founded in 2011, Disconnect.me is a smart VPN service that helps protect your devices from hackers, attackers, and unwanted tracking applications on the internet. It uses AES-256 to encrypt your connection, hides real IP and location, and allows you to block any website, app, or service you want. Disconnect VPN application also has many unique features to shield your online activities, including Secure Wireless, Private Browsing, Whitelist, SmartVPN, and more.

There is very little information about the size of Disconnect.me server location. According to one device illustration of their service on the homepage, we can see their servers located in the United States, Europe, Germany, and Japan. Every day, Disconnect VPN software has actively used by tens of millions of people worldwide.

Disconnect VPN Premium Lifetime Offer On June 2023

94% OFF
Disconnect VPN Lifetime Account For $39.99 - 5 Devices
Get a Disconnect ME Premium VPN account for life with just $39.99 billed once, saved up to 94% on the regular price of $700, 10 device connections at the same time.
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94% OFF
Disconnect VPN Lifetime Account For $29.99 - 3 Devices
Disconnect Premium Lifetime account for 3 devices, unlimited bandwidth, full server locations is on sale now for $29.99, instead of $500.
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Disconnect VPN Lifetime Account For $19.99 - 1 Device
Get a Disconnect VPN lifetime license for 1 device for just $19.99 instead of $300, discount 93% on the original price.
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$39.99 Disconnect Premium VPN Lifetime For iOS
Grab a Disconnect iOS Premium VPN Lifetime Subscription for 1 iOS-based device with just $39.99 instead of $249, save up to 84%. Gain access to 180 locations across 80+ countries and full features.
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$19.99 Disconnect iOS Premium VPN 2-Year Plan
Sign up for a Disconnect Premium VPN license right now for an 80% discount, $19.99 every two years. Valid for one device that using iOS 10 or later.
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(*) Pay with Paypal & Credit Cards. No hassle 30-day cancellation.

Key Features

  • Global servers in over 180 locations and 80+ countries
  • Blocks invisible tracking & malvertising threats
  • Works on Wi-Fi & Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc.)
  • Device wide tracker protection, which results in faster page & app loads, reduced bandwidth, better battery life
  • Easy to use firewall empowers you to block whatever you want
  • See a real-time list of trackers trying to collect your location, phone number, email, & online activity
  • Stats dashboard shows what’s blocked, along w/ time & data savings
  • Encrypt all Internet connections to prevent Wi-Fi snooping of your web & app usage and other forms of surveillance
  • Full VPN mode masks your location / IP address
  • The Less breakage mode automatically does not route traffic through VPN when visiting sites & services known to block VPNs
  • Premium protects you across all your applications, including all mobile browsers.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

Download Disconnect VPN:

94% OFF Disconnect.Me VPN Lifetime Deal On June 2023

94% OFF Disconnect.Me VPN Lifetime Deal On June 2023

94% OFF Disconnect.Me VPN Lifetime Deal On June 2023

Disconnect Premium VPN has been designed to provide users security, privacy, and control of how and what their personal information shared with ISPs and other companies while browsing the internet. Although Disconnect.Me has a free basic VPN version that may give you a sense of security while browsing, but it does not have extra protections as the premium and pro plans do. So If you wish to own a premium account, I think you should take advantage of these Disconnect Premium VPN Lifetime deals to save money because you have to pay only for an unprecedentedly low price for it.

Are you still hesitating? Let’s check around on our Lifetime VPN Deals list to find out the best alternative to Disconnect.ME VPN for you.

Enjoy 🙂

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