GoDaddy has stopped selling Uniregistry gTLDs

Yesterday, I tried transferring a .LINK domain name to GoDaddy, but I was not able to do that, I got the error message “Unavailable For Transfer“, for no reason.

GoDaddy has stopped selling Uniregistry gTLDs

Godaddy stopped selling Uniregistry gTLDs

For one minute startled, I recheck my domain and everything is normal. And I'm sure that error is belongs to Godaddy. Researched on Google, and I found my exact case on domainnamewire, just the difference in the domain name extension that they wanted to transfer. This is the answer from Godaddy to domainnamewire:

We have stopped registering or transferring Uniregistry domain names into our system. The dramatic price hike Uniregistry announced left us no choice. Until we can assess the impact on our current and potential customers, we have stopped new registrations. GoDaddy works to deliver a great customer experience. We now have customers who will be paying up to 3,000 percent more for their renewal. That’s an extremely poor customer experience and does not reflect well on the domain name industry in general. GoDaddy will continue to support our current customers who have Uniregistry registered domain names.

Thus, we can understand that the main reason is because Uniregistry is increasing the wholesale prices of its domain names by up to 30x beginning in August 21. And Godaddy does not want their customers to pay too much money (maybe up to $300) when renewing those domains, and like they said: “That’s an extremely poor customer experience and does not reflect well on the domain name industry in general.” GoDaddy will stopped on new registration and transfer but they will continue to support their current customers who have Uniregistry registered domain names.

Below is a list of domain names will be increase prices in August 2017

NumDomainCurrent pricePrice after August 21

Uniregistry has explained this increase because these domain types are new gTLDs, which have special meaning so there're only few buyers. Meanwhile, the minimum cost to maintain for each field is high, so the increase in selling price is necessary to generate profit to offset operating costs.

On the consumer side, this is bad news, especially for those who are planning to develop a website with one of these domains. If you are a rich person, continue to work as usual, otherwise you should move on to another domain name extensions because the renewal cost after it's expiration is very high. My advice to anyone who owns one of these domains is let renew your domains as far out as they can before the prices change.

I hope you will have a wise choice, wish you success!

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