Hexonet – Bulk .COM/.NET Registration From $5.50/Year

If you have multiple .com or .net domain names that you need to register at this time, Hexonet is offering bulk registration for these extensions at a discount of up to 59% – as low as $5.5/year.

Hexonet – Bulk .COM/.NET Registration From  $5.50/Year

Hexonet offers three price tiers depends on the number of domains you want to register: $8.50/year for 1 – 10 domains, $7.0/year for 11 – 20 domains, and only $5.50/year for 21+ domains registration at once. Tiered pricing discounts are based on registrations over a 24-hour cycle, and will be reset at the end of each day (0:00 UTC).

Visit Hexonet & Save big with bulk .COM & Net registrations right now!

.COM and .NET Bulk Registration Prices

  1. 1-10 domains = $8.50
  2. 11-20 domains = $7.00
  3. 21+ domains = $5.50

You can multi-year registrations for your domain, however, promotional pricing only applies to the first year. Transfers and renewals are not eligible at the promotional price.

Paypal, Credit Cards, Alipay, Wire Transfer are accepted as the method of payments. The sale is valid until June 25 23:59:59 UTC.

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Enjoy 🙂

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