Cloudway Pricing – How Much Does Cloudways Cost?

You decide to choose Cloudways to host your applications, but still want to research more about Cloudways Pricing, how much does Cloudways cost for hosting, and what exactly costs do you have to pay for? Here we will explain these for you.

Cloudway Pricing - How Much Does Cloudways Cost?

The first thing you should know is that Cloudways does not own or manage any server cluster. Basically, Cloudways is an idea that lets you select one from five IaaS providers (DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, and GCE) to host your applications through their panel. That is why Cloudway Pricing is mostly dependent on the hosting prices of the IaaS providers they offer, so if the IaaS increases its prices, Cloudways also. And Cloudways hosting prices often higher than the prices of IaaS in the range of a few to hundreds of dollars, depending on the plan you choose.

You are probably thinking, why not host your application directly on IaaS instead of Cloudways and save money? Let us explain the most thing, the five IaaS above only provide self-managed cloud hosting, and you will be left to set up everything on the server by yourself. So in case you are not a system administrator expert, it is tough for you to get your server set up done without problems, let alone get security risks after that. On the other side, you host an application on Cloudways, they will do all the complicated tasks for you, and you will only have to think about growing your business. Which one is better? The last decision will be yours.

If you choose Cloudways, let's see the price comparison tables below to decide the right hosting plan for your needs and budget. We just wanted to compare popular plans that suit the needs of most users; please visit the Cloudways Pricing page for more other.

DigitalOcean vs Cloudways Price Comparison

MemoryCPUStorageTransferDigitalOcean PriceCloudways Price
1 GB1 CPU25 GB1 TB$5/mo$10/mo
2 GB1 CPU50 GB2 TB$10/mo$22/mo
4 GB2 CPUs80 GB4 TB$20/mo$42/mo
8 GB4 CPUs160 GB5 TB$40/mo$80/mo
16 GB8 CPUs320 GB6 TB$80/mo$135/mo
MemoryCPUStorageTransferDigitalOcean PriceCloudways Price
1 GB1 CPU25 GB1 TB$6/mo$12/mo
2 GB1 CPU50 GB2 TB$12/mo$26/mo
4 GB2 CPUs80 GB4 TB$24/mo$50/mo
8 GB4 CPUs160 GB5 TB$48/mo$96/mo
16 GB8 CPUs320 GB6 TB$96/mo$160/mo

Vultr vs Cloudways Price Comparison

StandardHigh Frequency
MemoryCPUsStorageTransferVultr PriceCloudways Price
1 GB1 CPU25 GB1 TB$5/mo$11/mo
2 GB1 CPU55 GB2 TB$10/mo$23/mo
4 GB2 CPUs80 GB3 TB$20/mo$44/mo
8 GB4 CPUs160 GB4 TB$40/mo$84/mo
16 GB6 CPUs320 GB5 TB$80/mo$139/mo
MemoryCPUsStorageTransferVultr PriceCloudways Price
1 GB1 CPU32 GB1 TB$6/mo$13/mo
2 GB1 CPU64 GB2 TB$12/mo$26/mo
4 GB2 CPUs128 GB3 TB$25/mo$50/mo
8 GB3 CPUs256 GB4 TB$48/mo$100/mo
16 GB4 CPUs384 GB5 TB$96/mo$160/mo

Linode vs Cloudways Price Comparison

MemoryCPUsStorageTransferLinode PriceCloudways Price
1 GB1 Core25GB1TB$5/mo$12/mo
2 GB1 Core50GB2TB$10/mo$24/mo
4 GB2 Core80GB4TB$20/mo$50/mo
8 GB4 Core160GB5TB$40/mo$90/mo
16 GB6 Core320GB8TB$80/mo$150/mo

AWS vs Cloudways Price Comparison

MemoryCPUsStorageTransferAWS PriceCloudways Price

Google Cloud (GCE) vs Cloudways Price Comparison

MemoryCPUsStorageTransferGCE PriceCloudways Price
1.70 GB1vCPU20GB2GB$17.23/mo$33.18/mo
3.75 GB1vCPU20GB2GB$24.27/mo$73.50/mo
7.5 GB2vCPU20GB2GB$48.54/mo$138.52/mo
15 GB4vCPU20GB2GB$97.09/mo$225.93/mo
30 GB8vCPU20GB2GB$194.18/mo$412.70/mo

(*) Notes:

  • $0.033/GB per server will be applied for off-site backup storage.
  • With Google (GCE) and Amazon (AWS), Disk Sizes are configurable, and Bandwidth is on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Cloudway Pricing - How Much Does Cloudways Cost?

Cloudways Add-On Pricing

  • Support Add-ons: starts from $100/month
  • DNS Made Easy: starts from $2.5/month
  • Application Upgrade: starts from $50/month
  • Application Migration: $25/migration
  • Rackspace Email Hosting: starts from $1/month

Services you will get for free on Cloudways

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Managed Backups
  • 1-Click Free SSL Installation
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Regular OS and Patch Management
  • 5 Cloud Providers
  • 1-Click Advanced Server Management
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • 60+ Global Data Centers
  • Launch 10+ Apps Through 1-Click
  • Multiple Databases
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM
  • Server & App Monitoring (15+ Metrics)
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • Optimized Stack With Advanced Cache
  • Built-in WordPress and Magento Cache
  • Seamless Vertical Scaling
  • SSD-Based Servers
  • Dedicated Environment
  • Auto-Healing Servers
  • Staging Area & URLs
  • Account Management Dashboard
  • Easy DNS Management
  • Built-in MySQL Manager
  • 1-Click Server Cloning
  • Smart Assistant

At Cloudways, you pay only for the resources you consume. You will be invoiced for the services you have used between the 1st and the 6th of the following month. If you want to buy an annual plan, let's add funds in advance for up to 12 months as per your current monthly usage (use the Real-time Billing feature to calculate your upcoming invoice).

Cloudways currently accepts Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), as well as Paypal for payment.

That is all Cloudways prices at this time. If you have decided to choose one Cloudways plan to get started with, don't forget to apply our cloudways promo code while creating your account to take a 25% discount for your order.

I wish you all success 🙂

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