How To Transfer Domain Away From StableHost

If you have a domain on Stablehost, so Is it possible for you to transfer it to another registrar? How to do so? Discover the answer here.

How To Transfer Domain Away From StableHost

StableHost currently has a great offer that provides you a chance to grab Web hosting + Domain name for just $10.8/year. But many of you are hesitant about buying because of a thing in mind: Is it possible to transfer the free domain away from StableHost to another provider? Is there any extra cost for that?

Well, let us address those for you. First, your free domain can easily transfer away from StableHost right after it reaches 60 days lock period. And secondly, you will not be charged any extra or hidden fees for that.

Whenever your domain goes over 60 days of the registration date, you can transfer it from Stablehost to any other provider you wish.

How do you transfer your domain outside StableHost

To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Stablehost account. Navigate to Domains My DomainsHow To Transfer Domain Away From StableHost
  2. Next, navigate to Manage DomainRegistrar Lock, click Disable Registrar Lock.How To Transfer Domain Away From StableHost
  3. Next, you must disable ID Protection for your domain. If you’ve purchased this feature, contact StableHost in order to disable it.
  4. Next, navigate to Domains My DomainsManage DomainGet EPP Code to get the EPP for your domain.How To Transfer Domain Away From StableHost
  5. Paste the EPP code above on the registrar you want to transfer your domain to.
  6. Next, click on the verification link from StableHost to confirm your opt.
  7. You will see your domain listed on the new registrar after the transfer process is done.
  8. That’s all.

In general, you can easily transfer your domain outside StableHost and doing that as same as on any other domain registrar.

Ahh, if you don’t see the option to get your EPP code in step #4, it means that your domain does not support direct access to the Transfer code. In this case, you must contact StableHost support and ask for it.

I hope this helps 🙂

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