Linode just released the Block Storage, $0.10/GiB per month

Few days ago (Feb 01), Linode has released the Block Storage service, its cost starts from $0.10/Gb per month, accept hourly billing, no usage fees.

Linode just released the Block Storage, $0.10/GiB per month
linode block storage service

Linode Block Storage Volumes built on NVME/HĐ hardware and a fast network. It allows you to attach additional storage volumes (range from 10 GiB to 10,000 GiB in size) to your Linode. You can attach up to eight volumes to a single Linode with costs $0.10/GiB per month.

There’re some caveats from Linode on this service:

  • It is now offered on us-east (Newark), us-central (Dallas), us-west (Fremont), eu-central (Frankfurt) datacenter. ap-south (Singapore), ap-northeast (Tokyo2), eu-west (London) will be available in Q2 2018.
  • The Block Storage service the volume and associated Linode must be in the same datacenter.
  • Only a volume can attached to one Linode at a time.
  • The Backup services do not cover Block Storage Volumes.

Click here to go to Linode Block Storeage official site and see it guide here !

If you really interested in this service, don’t forget to use this linode coupon to get a $20 free credit, as mean you will have 02 months with 100GB volume for FREE. 🙂

Wish you success !!! 🙂

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