Most Important Institutions in the Domain Business

In the domain business, there are very important institutions/organizations that play a great role and others that play no role. If you’re in the domain business, you need to know the best and most important institutions. We will discuss these institutions below


This is the biggest organization in the domain business. ICANN mean Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This is a California-based organization. This is a non-profit organization and plays a great role in managing allocations of top level domains. It is also responsible in organizing and coordinating domain name system.



iana logo
This organization plays a crucial role in the domain business. This institution assigns IP address. IANA means Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. This organization transits IP registrations to RIR. RIR stands for Regional Internet Registries.


Regional Internet Registries (RIR)

NRO logoThis is one of the organizations that play very important roles in the domain world. The organization administers and allocates internet resources in most parts of the world. Their role includes administration of IP address as well. There are 5 regional registries in the world. These registries include:

  • ARIN (Canada, United States, some Caribbean nations)
  • RIPE NCC (Europe, Russia, Middle East, Central Asia)
  • APNIC (Asia-Pacific region)
  • LACNIC (Latin America, some Caribbean nations)
  • AFRINIC (Africa)



verisign logoThe United States company in Reston Virginia is company that plays a tremendous role in domain role registries. This organization manages top level domains such us dot net and dot com. It also operates and facilitates 2 global root names servers.



radix logo

This is the biggest domain registry in Asia. The portfolios of the company features a reputable generic nTLDs that includes dot site, dot space, dot online, dot home and specialized nTLDs such as dot insurance, dot doctor, dot music, dot insurance, and dot tech.



neustar logo

This is one of the biggest Unites States name registry. It offers most important domain naming services in the world. It includes big name customers including Taco Bell and Canon. Neustar focuses on brands and top level domains. It facilitates rand names for companies as domain ending.


Nominent logoThis is the United Kingdom’s biggest registry. It features in the world’s top 10 best registries. Their portfolios include reputable domains such as dot UK and other related domains as well as Welsh TLD dot wales.

Affilias logoThis is an Irish domain registry that successfully launched world’s famous domain ending in 2001. Domain ending is dot info. This company is a European counterpart to Neustar with dot brand services.

DENIC logo
This is Deutch Network Info Centre. It is a central domain names registry. This company manages and runs dot de domain transmissions and related activities. It is based in Frankfurt. It ensures that domain only exists once.


Public Interest Registry (PIR) logo

This is a non-profit organization that is responsible for domain marketing called .org


Godaddy - #1 Largest Domain Registrar of the World's#1 Largest Domain Registrar of the World’s. GoDaddy manages more than 71 million domains. It is worth mentioning that the company’s services are not just limited to domain registration. The company even offers web hosting and ecommerce services. GoDaddy has in fact been ranked as the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar serving more than 17 million customers and more than 6000 employees.


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