Namecheap 6th Annual Holiday Twitter Trivia Contest – Free Domains Every Hour

Win Domains, iPads, and special hoodies this holiday season!
Participate in our twitter trivia for great prizes!
5 domains every hour
4 latest generation Ipads
Limited edition hoodies.

Sign up for a Twitter account ( and then follow us (our username is @namecheap). We will be posting one question every hour from December 18th through December 24th (beginning midnight on December 18, 2013 Eastern Time, -0500 GMT), but this time, the question can be asked at any time during the hour! Five people who reply to the tweet with the correct answer gets a $10.87 credit to their Namecheap account. It’s really that simple.

Here’s an example:

1. Namecheap (@namecheap) will send out a Tweet (that is a Twitter message) saying “I always thirst, yet never hunger. I wear a hat in the summer heat, but when the cold winds blow, my head is bare. What am I?”

2. You must prefix your answer on Twitter with @namecheap, so you’d respond with “@namecheap a tree” or “a tree @namecheap”.

The @ symbol brings the message to our attention. If that’s not present, we won’t see it! If you’re the first person to answer correctly, we will send $10.87 for a new domain or renewal directly into your Namecheap account. Four other winners chosen at random will win the $10.87 domain name credit as well.

As a note, we have taken great care in covering every possible answer possibility. We are limited to Twitter’s toolset and will award domain credits and points accordingly. Answers that do not follow the outlined conventions may not be collected and points will not be awarded.


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