.PAGE Available For Registration – Where’s the Best Place to Buy?

The new domain tld .PAGE is now available for registration through many different registrars. Let us show you where’s the best place to register a .PAGE domain extension in this time.

.PAGE Available For Registration – Where’s the Best Place to Buy?

.PAGE Information

.PAGE Available For Registration – Where’s the Best Place to Buy?

.PAGE domain

  • Type: Generic top-level domains (gTLDs)
  • Registry: Charleston Road Registry Inc (www.registry.google)
  • Domain length: 3 – 63 characters.
  • Registration Term: 1-10 years
  • DNSSEC: Not supported
  • WHOIS Server: whois.nic.google
  • Quarantaine periode: The name can be reactivated up to 39 days after its expiry date without extra charges.
  • Redemption period: After the end of the initial quarantaine period, the domain name remains reserved for the previous owner during 30 days. Reactivating the domain name at that point will needs an additional fee.

.PAGE is a brand new domain extension, it’s a flexible web-address allowing you to build a website with any content that you desire, explore and seek out your topic of choice. Whether you’re a business launching a new website, a publisher sharing new works online, an author telling your story, or a student flaunting your research, a .page domain name is the perfect web-address for your next chapter — online.

A .PAGE domain name is short, professional and memorable. The future of the internet is new and precise domain names that give customers a taste of your brand before they even visit your website. Establish yourself as an industry leader and early adopter, enhance your online marketing, and stand out from the competition with .PAGE domain, the namespace that communicates your mission on a single page.

Register Now Your .PAGE Domain

Any available .page domain names may be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that .PAGE is intended to be a secure namespace, so you can buy your .PAGE domain name now, but in order for it to work properly in browsers you must first configure HTTPS serving. That means all .PAGE domain owners must secure their website with an SSL certificate.

Cheapest .PAGE Domain Registration, Renewal, Transfer Prices

Registrar Registration Renewal Transfer Free Whois Action
godaddy.com $11.17 [Order Link]
namecheap.com $10.88 $12.88 [Order Link]
domains.google $10 [Order Link]
name.com $10.99 $12.99 $12.99 [Order Link]
101domain.com $10.49 $15.99 $11.99 [Order Link]
porkbun.com $9.76 $9.76 $9.76 [Order Link]
hexonet.net $12.80 $12.80 $12.80 [Order Link]
yay.com $10.59 $10.59 $10.59 [Order Link]
rebel.com $9.99 [Order Link]

*** Most these registrars accepts Paypal & Credit/Debit Cards as payment methods.

Bonus: How To Get Free SSL For Your .PAGE Domain

If you’re interested in building your website with a .PAGE domain, you should know that Google requires your website to have an SSL certificate to ensure that information passing between you and your visitors is safely encrypted. But not all registrars offer free SSL on the domain they selling, it’s a option with an additional fee.

>>> So what is the solution? It’s CloudFlare.

CloudFlare as know as a company that provides content delivery network (cdn) services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security and distributed domain name server services. The CloudFlare’s free plan offers full access to the global CDN, a broad range of security features, free SSL encryption and powerful statistic reports about site traffic.

CloudFlare is very easy to set up as long as you have a self-hosted website. Enabling the service on your website simply involves making a few changes to your domain’s DNS settings, a process that takes less than 5 minutes. Here’s some quite useful guides on their official site to get you started:


You note that after added your site to Cloudflare, it may take up to 24 hours after your site becomes active on Cloudflare for your free SSL certificate to be activated.

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