Should you buy a Long Domain Name ?

Most people believe that domain names ought to be short so that they can be easily remembered. Of course it is nice when you get a short domain name that can work for your business even though it is very tough. This is why you need to consider using a long domain name.

Should you buy a Long Domain Name ?

Most website owners believed that domain names should be short. This is not the case today. You can still have a long and effective domain name. There are a lot of successful websites that bear a long domain name. In this article, we will discuss why it is advisable to use a long domain name.

Long and Short Domain Names

If you want to generate traffic to your website, long domain names can help you achieve this. Long domain names can help you drive traffic and achieve a higher search engine ranking such a Google. Long domain names are equally good as short domain names.

For example: if you own a web that offers cheap web hosting coupon, why shouldn’t you call the site This domain name is long but serves the purpose. It communicates your intention and the service you’re offering. The purpose of the domain name is to communicate important information.

Search engines like Google use the words in your domain name so as to know the kind of services your website is offering. This makes it possible for search engines to determine where to rank you in the search engine results list.

Making use of popular search terms and keywords will indeed make a difference to the traffic on your website. Domain names are basically assets. The better the domain name, the more expensive it will be. However, just like brand names, domain names are worth their value when used as a promotional tool.

Industry specific domain names that have a higher content of keywords leads to improved rankings on the search engines. At the end of the day, this is what matters the most because users generally look into the first few search engine results.

Domain Names in Mass Media

Long domain names are also effective in non-internet marketing. Long domain names are good for television and even radio. Te most important thing is the domain name to offer the most important info. It is also important to provide a domain name that can be remembered. This will make it possible for clients to identify your website and also for a search engine to rank your site.


Choosing a long domain name for your site will depend on whether you can get a short one that is suitable. If you can’t, you need to consider using a long domain name which is easy to understand and the one the provides the necessary info. Your clients should be in a position to type and search the name. It should be easy to type and remember. Depending on the type of services you’re offering, you might realize that the long domain name is the best and most suitable for your business.

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