SAVE 75%! SurfShark VPN 1 Year Plan For Just $35.94

Huge Saving! This is a very rare chance for you to sign up a SurfShark VPN 1-year account for as little as $35.94 instead of $143.4, save up to 75%.

SAVE 75%! SurfShark VPN 1 Year Plan For Just $35.94

SurfShark often showing $143.4 ($5.99/mo) for the 1-year VPN subscription on the official site, and it will drop by 50% when you decide to order, but after all, you still have to pay for $71.88 a year. The fact that this cost isn’t too high for a VPN service that not limit to the number of devices can be used. Let imagine you have ten devices that need to use a VPN, and you only need a single Surfshare 1-year account for all of them, which means you only spend about $7.2/device/year, it not so high, right?

SAVE 75%! SurfShark VPN 1 Year Plan For Just $35.94

Although $71.88/year is an affordable price, however, what do you think if you can even get a cheaper rate than that? Something like this:

SAVE 75%! SurfShark VPN 1 Year Plan For Just $35.94

Yes! Right now, you can get Surfshark VPN with a 1-year subscription for only $35.94 instead of $71.88, a 75% discount rather than 50% usual. This is the best ever price for the yearly plan of Surfshark VPN, don’t miss out if you’re still looking for a stable & fast VPN service.

SurfShark VPN 1 Year Plan Deal For $35.94

$35.94 ($143.4) - 75% OFF
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Traffic & Speed
Get Surfshark VPN with an exclusive -75% discount; you pay only $35.94 for an annual account that allows you to connect to 1700+ servers worldwide on as many devices as you have, at the same time.

Besides, Surfshark still has another good deal you may also want to check out at this time. That’s the offer SurfShark VPN 27-Month Plan For $47.76, $12 more than the annual price but getting back up to 15 months for more.

Happy Savings!

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