Top 3 Free CDN Services that Helps Speed Up Your Website

The loading speed at which the page loads is very important to the success of any website. There are some ways by which you can speed up your website. This involves making use of a CDN service. In this article, we will discuss top three CDN services that have been proven to be able to effectively champion the performance of your website. The best thing with CDN services, is that there is no cost. They are available for free.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. This is a highly advanced service that makes use of a large distributed system of servers in several data centres so as to offer service to users. With these features enabled, your website speed should be more than 200 percent faster.

Nowadays only a few companies offer this great service. You need to be very specific if you want the CDN to boost your online success. You can consider Bluehost. This is one of the best web hosting companies in the world. It enjoys trust and positive reviews from millions of users across the world. This company offers free CloudFlare CDN. It attracts a lot of people as its packages start from 2.95 dollars per mo for clients going through promotional link. This is 63 percent less compared with the regular price.

There are many free CDN services that are available on the web. The best thing is to know the best ones and the most effective ones. We have enough experience to tell which ones are best and which ones are fake. In this article, we will discuss the best and most reputable CDN services.

1. CloudFlare CDN

Top 3 Free CDN Services that Helps Speed Up Your Website

This is actually one of the best CDN services in the world. It has proven to be very effective for many years. This service is operating in 23 centres across the world. This CDN is growing at a very fast rate and it is benefiting many users. One of the reasons why it has emerged to be number one is the fact that it has added optimization services including HTML, JS, and minified CSS. They effectively deliver optimization and blocks all threats and limit abusive crawlers and bots.

Cloudflare automatically catches static files of your site at their edge nodes. This makes it easier for the files to be stored effectively for the benefits of your audience. It makes use of Anycast technology so as to route your audience and visitors to the nearest centre for data. This results for faster speed. Below are the features

  • Rocket loader
  • Railgun acceleration technology
  • Low-cost DDos mitigation
  • Bolt and threat protection and spam comments protection
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • 24/7/365 Technical Suppor


2. Coral CDN

Top 3 Free CDN Services that Helps Speed Up Your Website

This is open and free. It is open peer to peer content delivery network. It helps reduce the load on the server and makes it easy for you to run a speedy website that helps your website to grow. It is very easy to publish content using this CDN. All your requests are automatically handled by CoralCDN. It helps minimize the load on the server. Below are highlighted features

  • It is the latest peer to peer indexing technologies
  • It is a global network of name-servers and web proxies
  • Have more than 260 servers around the globe


3. Incapsula CDN

Top 3 Free CDN Services that Helps Speed Up Your Website

This is a cloud based acceleration and security service provider. They offer excellent CDN services. This service makes it easy for optimization and navigations. It is one of the best and rapid growing CDN. This CDN makes use of large and effective technologies such as compression, caching, dynamic content catching and connection pooling among others. These technologies help take your website to the next level. Below are highlighted features

  • Offers static info caching. It is one of the best CDN that offers convenient services to users
  • This CDN acts as a load balancer and helps drive traffic between IPS and backend servers
  • Offers efficient info delivery optimization including session optimization, minification, and compression.
  • Peered, Tier 1 transit system for optimal coverage
  • Dynamic caching technology based on machine learning
  • Security and bot management features
  • Extensive cache control options
  • Instant cache purge and cache rule propagation

Top 3 Free CDN Services that Helps Speed Up Your Website


These three CDN are the best and most reputable ones. You can make use on either of them. They have a lot of positive reviews from people and website owners. They help speed up your website and speed the rate at which your website opens when clicked by a user.

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