What happens after domain names expire at GoDaddy?

Sometime you are very busy and forget renew your domain? so what happens with your domain if you do not renew it?
What happens after domain names expire at GoDaddy?
According to the law, after 45 days the domain name will not be revoked immediately (recovery by organizing ICANN). In 45 days, the domain name still at your providers. But depending on each provider has lifecycle different within about 45 days. At GoDaddy, the lifecycle of a domain is calculated as follows:

Day 1
GoDaddy send first mail to you, you may renew your domain at no extra cost.
Day 5
GoDaddy send second mail to you. Your domain name remains in parking and you may renew at no extra cost.
Day 12
GoDaddy send third mail to you, last mail for notice you. Your domain name can still be renewable at no extra cost.
Day 19
Your domain name can be renewable with the cost of a one-year renewal plus an $80.00 redemption fee.
Day 26
GoDaddy will revoke your domain and put into Domain Name Auction. You can’t renew your domain.
Day 36
If there are no backorders and no bidders in the expired domain name auction, your domain will be list in a closeout auction.
Day 41
The closeout auction ends.
Day 43
If have winner your domain, say goodbye your domain :D. if no bidders, your domain will be return to ICANN and will available soon for new register.
You note:
– You can renew an expired domain name at no extra cost up to day 18. If renew an expired domain name between day 19 and day 42, you must also pay an $80.00 redemption fee. After day 42, you can’t renewal your domain. So, if your domain name will expire on this month don’t forget using GoDaddy Renewal Coupon for discount price when renewal it.
– These timelines do not apply to ccTLD domain names.

Hope can helps you. Nice a day 🙂

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