What To Do When Your Domain Name Is Already In Use

Creating a unique domain name can help you earn a lot of money via the online businesses. So you already have the domain name ideas, but when you want to register it, you realize that it is already in use. This can get you worried, but there is a ray of hope. There are other alternatives you can use when you find your domain name taken. Here are some of them:

What To Do When Your Domain Name Is Already In Use

1. Use .org, .net, .info, or .biz

A lot of businesses use .com for their for their websites. For that reason, it is more popular and you will most likely not solve your problem. The best way to do this is to use a more unique suffix like .org or .net. Such a suffix might be available for a similar domain name. Nonetheless, you will want to understand the negativities of having a similar domain name with a different extension.

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2. Change the name slightly

If a domain name is declared unavailable, it will mean that a domain of the same name was being registered. For instance, you if the domain name was newcoupons.info, you can use new-coupons.info or newest-coupons.info. Such names will be available for use. There are some limitations of using a domain name that is almost similar to an already existing domain name. You can face a trademark infringement, which might not be easy for you.

3. Purchase the domain name

If you want to use the similar domain name and extension that is already in use, you might think of buying it. You can easily buy or sell a domain name, with the right procedure. When you wish to purchase a domain name of a successful business, you should expect to have limited chances of buying it. Nonetheless, you can have higher chances of obtaining the domain name if the owner is only reserving it. To purchase a domain name, you can make your offer directly to the owner. Alternatively, you can bid on a certain auction, such as eBay, or Greatdomains.com or GoDady Domain Auction

4. Confirm your trademark rights

Suppose you already have an ongoing business, you will be on a safer side than the person who owns the domain name. When choosing a domain name, see that you understand the Trademark Infringement Law. The trademark law usually states that the first person to utilize the trademark in business is declared the legitimate owner. That means, if you already have an ongoing business, you can be declared the owner before the owner launches the domain name.

To claim and confirm the trademark rights of the domain name, you can start by using the dispute resolution procedure that is offered by the ICANN. ICANN is a multinational nonprofit organization that monitors all the registration of all the domain names on the internet. There is a recent process implemented by ICANN, called the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. It caters to the cybersquatting disputes, especially when someone has registered the name with an aim of profiting from the original trademark.

Another way to do this is to file a legal suit for the infringement of the trademark. Keep in mind that the lawsuit can also be an option, despite the dispute resolution process of ICANN. In case you win the case in court, you will own the domain name and all the linked rights. You will also receive a compensation fee for the damages.

You can use whois.net to verify the owner of the domain name. Here, you will get more details, including the phone number, the mail address, and other contact information of the owner.

It is all about knowing and proving the worth of a particular domain name when you are buying it. Once you are sure of everything, you can proceed to buy it.

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