10 Reasons for Using WordPress for Business Websites

Creating a website today does not require any technical know-how. No longer are you required to use programming software to write HTML code to form your website. A wide set of tools is now available for both beginning and advanced web users that can be used to easily and effectively create and manage websites. These tools range from site building tools to third-party CMS software like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.
10 Reasons for Using WordPress for Business WebsitesWordPress is one of the leading CMS systems that you should consider if you are searching for the ideal platform to build your website on. While it originally began as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved to become fit for creating any type of website. To completely understand why WordPress is the perfect choice for a webmaster, below are 10 reasons why it should be your solution for creating your website.

1. It is easy to build sites using WordPress

GoDaddy is one of the leading host providers and offers a 1-click install of more than 125 applications of which WordPress is part of. This install usually takes less than a minute to complete. From here, customizing your website’s look and feel or adding content can be done by even a beginning webmaster. This makes WordPress an excellent solution for new and experienced web owners.

2. It’s easy to manage WordPress sites

One of the most common complaints by web owners whose sites are build on old platforms of coded using raw HTML code is that it is always extremely difficult to make changes – no matter how small. Editing the content of such websites usually needs expert knowledge. If the web owner lacks this, they then need to contract the help of a professional web developer.
On the other hand, using WordPress means that managing and updating any part of the website is very easy. Because WordPress has roots in blogging, editing posts and pages is done using an intuitive user interface that is easy to use for even the least experienced users. Should more technical changes be required, professionals can then be sought to edit the code.

3. WordPress is built for SEO

One of the greatest priorities for webmasters and web owners is building a website that is optimized for indexing by search engines. Websites using standard HTML require numerous changes to optimize them for indexing and crawling by search engine robot. WordPress on the other hand comes with these features pre-built meaning that it will rank better on search engines.
In addition to this, webmasters who want to tweak their websites more than what is offered in the default WordPress installation can find several plugins that do this well. These plugins work to increase a website’s search engine optimization properties, something that would require enormous effort and code to achieve. Some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress are Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO Pack.

4. WordPress allows for different levels of user access

If you own a business website and several people in your organization will be updating or interacting with your website, there is a need to restrict these contributors from gaining full access to the whole site. Luckily, WordPress comes with five built-in user roles that are subscriber, contributor, author, editor, and administrator. These user access levels allow you to assign users different rights and this minimizing risk to your website.

5. Numerous themes are available for WordPress

The greatest advantage of using CMS systems to manage websites is that your content and design are stored separately. This means that when you grow tired of your website’s look, or would like to upgrade it and do now want to pay a web developer a fortune to change it, you can just change your theme for a new one.
In this area, WordPress truly shines. Being open source, thousands of developers all around the globe have created a massive collection of themes that you can choose from. They range from simple but effective templates to more complex and feature-packed designs. An additional plus is that these themes do not cost much meaning that anyone using WordPress can easily change their website’s design.

6. WordPress is very extendable

Besides the thousands of themes available for use on a WordPress site, numerous plugins are also available. Plugins are small (or sometimes large) pieces of code that add functionality to the basic operation of a WordPress site. Using them means that it is possible to convert a simple WordPress installation from a simple blog to a fully-fledged e-commerce website with a few clicks. It will also cost much less than creating your own system from scratch.
It is, however, important to note that using too many plugins on a single website can slow it down considerably. Therefore, it could help to ask yourself whether a particular functionality is necessary before installing the necessary plugin. In some cases, coding the said feature into your theme could help keep your website’s load times at a minimum.

7. Mobile optimization is easy with WordPress

Use of mobile devices to browse the internet is growing each day. It is estimated that soon, the number of mobile internet usage will dwarf that of desktop access. This means that if your website is not optimized for viewing on mobile devices, you could lose a big chunk of your website’s traffic to competitors who have taken the necessary steps.
Unfortunately, it quickly becomes very expensive to design a mobile version of a website built on plain HTML. But using WordPress, creating a responsive website that will adjust to the display used by the user is as simple as using responsive themes and plugins. A good example of a plugin that creates a mobile version of a website on the fly is WP Touch.

8. Support for WordPress is widely available

If you find difficulty in implementing something, or you have a question about WordPress, it is very easy to get help on the internet. There are numerous WordPress forums that are very helpful and there are also developers who work exclusively with WordPress. This means that there are several resources that give you the answers you need to keep your website up and running.

9. It is possible to automate post updates

Having a blog for your company is a very good way of connecting with your customers. However, finding the time to write new content can prove to be a big challenge especially with the busy schedules we normally have.
WordPress takes care of this by availing a feature that makes it possible to schedule several posts for publishing in the future. This can prove to be very important especially for busy web owners since they can write several posts in one sitting and schedule them to publish in the coming weeks or even months.

10. WordPress is absolutely free

While you might have to pay a small fee for a premium theme or plugin, the core WordPress CMS is free to use for everyone. This makes it an awesome option for web owners who are just beginning creating an online presence.

10 Reasons for Using WordPress for Business Websites

But WordPress is not necessarily suited for everyone. It has some limitations, and there could be scenarios where more advanced features than are possible with WordPress are required. A good example is major e-commerce companies or online banking.
Despite this, WordPress provides the opportunity to have a professional looking website created and hosted with very little hustle.

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