GoDaddy WordPress Hosting: Blazing Fast, Secure.

Before getting to find more about the various advantages, features and benefits associated with GoDaddy WordPress Hosting, let us try and have some basic ideal WordPress Hosting in the first place.Though social media users can post their comments and feedback about products, services or anything else, when it comes to being professional about it there is no doubt that having a dedicate blogging site is very important.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting: Blazing Fast, Secure.
Though there are many blogging platforms, WordPress is often considered to be the best option available. It has quite a few features and functionalities that are almost impossible to replicate in the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is therefore important to choose the right blogging platform that uses WordPress as the main tool. In this article we will try and have a closer look at the various GoDaddy WordPress Hosting articles and then will try and find out why it is so popular and so much sought after.

Wordpress is a web and blog publishing platform recognized all over the world as the standard in website creation. It is estimated that 74.6 million websites on the internet use wordpress. This makes up around 18.9% of all websites on the internet. It is an open-source platform whose main focus is on Web standards, aesthetics and usability. WordPress allows users to manage an array of online platforms ranging from personal blogs to large commercial sites with a lot of pages. Millions of sites have reaped immeasurable benefits from the use of WordPress as their preferred online presence platform.

Managed WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy is the ultimate solution to a hassle-free experience devoid of the strenuous technical adjustments and constant updates. Once you have logged in to GoDaddy hosting, you will be in a position to build, manage and edit your site effortlessly. GoDaddy has gone the extra mile to modify their servers to enable you to receive unbeatable speed and security that is uncharacteristic of any other standard web-hosting plan. There is a wide selection of plans from which clients can select a plan that sufficiently meets all their needs.

Plan & Price

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting: Blazing Fast, Secure.

Basic plan
For as little as $3.99 per month, you get to enjoy 10GB SSD storage, SFTP access as well as a search engine optimization plugin. With this plan, the customer is guaranteed up to 25,000 monthly visitors and a free domain with an annual plan. It does not end there as this plan conveniently hosts 1 website and also offers one-click staging site.
Deluxe plan
This plan is for as low as $5.99 per month and can host 1 website with a guaranteed 100,000 online visitors. It also offers SSH/SFTP access and a search engine optimization plan. Needless to say, this search engine optimization plan goes a long way to increasing the number of visitors to a site that is an added advantage in every way possible. In addition to this feature is a one-click staging site and a free domain with an annual plan.
Ultimate plan
With the ultimate plan, customers are guaranteed more storage and more security for a small fee of only $8.99. Customers get to enjoy an impressive 30GB SSD storage and SSH/SFTP access. This plan also offers a free domain with an annual plan and can host 2 websites. With its search engine optimization plugin, the customer is guaranteed even up to 400,000 monthly visitors. In addition to the already stated features, this plan allows customers 1 SSL certificate free for a year and acquirable at a small fee after that.
Developer plan
The developer plan is the largest plan available at an affordable fee of only $14.99 a month. It can host up to 5 sites and boasts an overwhelming 50GB SSD storage. You can get a free domain with an annual plan, an SSL certificate free for the first year and SSH/SFTP access. With these pro features, customers can enjoy a huge traffic flow of up to 800,000 visitors to their websites which translates to immense business and accrued profits.

It is important to note that all plans feature free domain with an annual plan, free daily backups and restore for maximum security of your data, one-click migration tool and access to lots of free themes and plugins that are essential to creating an attractive and inviting website. GoDaddy’s highly trained and friendly team is always ready and set to answer all queries and to help customers navigate the site building steps with ease. To ensure maximum security for customers’ data GoDaddy has integrated automatic security updates as well as WordPress core software updates. Subscription to any of the four plans allows customers a free Microsoft Office 365 Email and a temporary domain name.
The key feature of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is that they get to do the technical stuff while your focus is channeled toward building inspiring sites. GoDaddy will help you, the customer, to backup your data, automatically setup accounts and updates and optimize your server. With their 24/7 support team at the customer’s disposal, you will have no trouble whatsoever solving all upcoming issues. It is pretty easy to come up with a superbly customized site with the aid of GoDaddy’s interactive walkthroughs and WordPress videos.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Security

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting: Blazing Fast, Secure.GoDaddy WordPress Hosting has amazing security strategies to ensure that the customer enjoys a threat free service. Hackers have for years navigated their way through accounts and websites to inject malware that has cost millions of people indelible damage. With GoDaddy’s SiteLock Professional Malware scan, you need not worry about hackers. Malware is destroyed before it harms your site and customers. Their award-winning security team constantly and continuously monitors your site to keep all suspicious activity at bay. All plugins are thoroughly pre-screened, so you never have to worry about the risk of installing infected plugins. You are guaranteed to have your comments remain clean and spam free as they are stopped long before they can reach your site.
GoDaddy’s version of WordPress does not in any way differ from other installations. It is pretty much the same as the one you’d get on and GoDaddy will automatically download updates to your installation. You will never worry about running outdated versions of WordPress. With managed WordPress hosting, everything is taken care of so you do not even have to set up your own database. You have the liberty to create the website of your choice as soon as you have purchased your plan.
You can easily migrate your site to GoDaddy in just a click. You will also have the liberty of using your domain name or a temporary domain name and with a quick review you are ready to publish.

Pros & Cons

  • The numerous themes and plugins available could cause confusion when choosing the best suited one
  • Being on a shared server means your website could experience slower speeds if hosted with resource hogging websites

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry. All you need to do is log in and start building a site from your control panel. For any queries, do not hesitate to contact GoDaddy’s support that is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Their WordPress experts will walk you through every step to a successful blog or website.

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How It Could Make A Difference To You As A Small Time User

First and foremost there is hardly any second thought that you are using a website platform that is not only very popular but one of the easiest to use. As an end user you need not be a web developer or designer to use GoDaddy WordPress Hosting. While there is no doubt that you need to host to enable it to run WordPress, you can do it quite easily because of the various easy to host features available in it. Hence as someone who does not possess high knowledge about development or designing you will find the features well and truly amazing.

What Does GoDaddy WordPress Reviews Talk About

The best way to know more about a product or service is to get feedback from the horses’ mouth so to say. Hence, getting hold of the right GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review will certainly help you in more ways than one. Those who used the above hosting have a lot of positive pieces of information to share. These easy to use packages enable you to easily install the WordPress platform. They also are very useful when it comes to installing some important and core WordPress updates. They also are extremely user friendly when it comes to managing security attributes and also when there is a need the check the plugins for compatibility across other applications.

Why GoDaddy WordPress Is Better Than Others In The Market

One of the main reasons why GoDaddy WordPress is considered a better option than other is because of the fact that it not only does the above but much more than that. Further the affordable cost at which you can set up your WordPress platform is another reason that works in its favor. For as low a cost of $3.99 you can choose GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans. They not only allow you to successfully host your WordPress but they also offer you a free domain name. You will also be able to get reliable and automatic WordPress updates. You will be able to enjoy other benefits like speed boosting caching. It will help you to rapidly increase the speed of your WordPress sites.

A Few Other Plugins And Additional Features

You also get a very helpful plugin blacklist. Additionally you also get the best of My Admin Access. However, it may not be of much utility for first time users. Let us talk a bit more about the free domain name that you get when you buy GoDaddy WordPress. It will certainly the task of setup that much easier. Since you are getting the domain name from the same service provider, you save yourself the trouble of pointing your domain again and again to your server. It will help you save lot of time and will be particularly very useful when you create new sites.

The Feature Called In-Dashboard Support

After the WordPress site has been set up by you, you will come across a blue tab on the right side of the screen. The tab will be featuring the words “Feedback And Support”. This will directly connect to the GoDaddy knowledgebase. You can become privy to a number of customer ideas and updates. You will also be able to submit your support tickets and will get solutions. You can also send in your feedbacks and hence it will be a wonderful platform to further enhance your knowledge and information base as far as this GoDaddy WordPress hosting feature is concerned.

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