5 Reasons on Why You Should Have a Personal Website

Social Media is becoming more and more popular each day and one of the reasons behind this is the growing desire in people to express themselves, to let the whole world know about themselves, to create an impression. The internet makes it so easy for people to meet such desires. Just creating an account on Twitter helps people share their views, and a Facebook account allows users to share with others what is happening in their lives.

But that is not all, you have an even greater medium through which not only can you express yourself, but you will create this world, design it, and rule it the way you want to. What is this world we are talking about? Well, it is your own personal website. Almost everyone nowadays has their own website, and you too should create one. But before that let us get to discover 5 reasons why you should start creating a website right now.

5 Reasons on Why You Should Have a Personal Website

1. Become a part of this huge world

The internet is a big, big world, bigger than you can ever imagine. Once you create your website you will also become a part of this ever-growing big world. Your website will be your own small world in this bigger world which will be created completely by you. It is you who will decide when and what should happen on your website, and this is a kind of freedom no social media platform will allow you to enjoy.

2. Get the chance to use your creativity

You get the scope to show your creativity. Your website can be just about anything you desire. No matter what your taste, interest, or talent is, you can create a website on it. Since it is your personal website you have the freedom to design it exactly the way you desire, exactly the way you have dreamt. The color, the theme, the layout, the font, the content, everything that will find space on your website is entirely your decision. So, you have this great opportunity to create an amazing world, as simple or as flashy, as professional or as crazy as you want it to, and then you can share it with the entire world.

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3. Share it with everyone

If you love baking cakes then you can add pictures to let others know about your passion and you may even share recipes. If you are a budding photographer then you can share pictures of your amazing clicks for the whole world to see. Similarly, no matter what your profession or passion is, you can share pictures, stories, and blogs and let everyone know about your interests. In fact, your website gives you a great opportunity to publicize yourself, and perhaps even built a customer base.

4. Create a brand name

If you are really passionate and serious about whatever you do, about whatever you have shared on your website, then your website is sure to become popular and attract lots of visitors. You might have created your website just as a hobby, but you never know it can open doorways to a great business opportunity. It is not uncommon how so many people all around their world have transformed their hobby into their profession, and their names have become a popular brand.

5. An extension of your resume

After creating your website if you plan to apply for a job, do not forget to include your website address in your resume. This will be more helpful than you can ever think. As your potential employer gets an opportunity to visit your website, it helps him/her to see you in an entirely different light. Resumes have limited space but a personal website proves to be an extension of your CV, giving your potential employer to know more about you as a person. This also gives you an edge over other people competing for the same job position, and thus certainly will prove to be beneficial. Particularly, if you are in the IT field, a personal website will prove to be of great value.

5 Reasons on Why You Should Have a Personal Website

So, if all these reasons seem to interest you already and you want to create your own website without delay, you should consider using GoDaddy as they have amazing plans to offer which will prove to be immensely helpful. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy access to applications like Coppermine, Joomla, WordPress and so on. So, start creating your own website right away, be a part of this big strong world, and open doorways to unlimited opportunities.

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