Godaddy Website Builder – Easily Create Your Own Website

GoDaddy renamed its Website Builder to GoCentral Website Builder and replaced old features, plans, prices… to those new. So this review has old. I will write a new review post after trial GoCentral. Subscription my site to receive a notice when it’s done!

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If you are planning to create a functional and attractive website of your own then instead of wandering here and there in search of some suitable guidance you should go for GoDaddy website builder. GoDaddy is considered as the provider company of the most effective set of website building tools that can help you in building a beautiful and fully functional website with the help of millions domain names registered with it.

The importance of a website for your business cannot be under-estimated. Today we have most business taking place on online platforms. You need not worry about having to incur a cost in order to have someone create a website for your start-up business. GoDaddy has just the right tools to enable you to create a website in a simple yet effective manner with little skills required. Look no further than GoDaddy website builder services for an opportunity to create a website with your preferred design and appearance.

Creation of an attractive website will require no more than dedication and sufficient knowledge as pertains what is required to create a superb website. For starters, look for a range of website templates and a library full of photos that go a long way to making your website inviting. Your website builder of choice should also provide an editing feature to allow for changes that you can add to your website once the next big idea strikes. GoDaddy has all the answers you may need for excellent web creation that are crafted with precision and simplicity.

On creation of your website, you can use it for several purposes regardless its nature. A lawyer, for example, can use their website to new clients for their services. Web sites also come in handy for job hunts as you can advertise your skills online and experiences in the hope of getting a suitable employer. You can also promote your product online via your website to attract an ever-increasing number of customers. For products, you can easily incorporate a shopping cart into the website in order to allow the visitors to your website to shop with ease.
It should not be forgotten, however, that a good website requires constant updating to keep up with upcoming trends and to keep visitors coming back for more information and products. Photos and videos, for example, go a long way to enabling one’s website stand out among many.

Godaddy Website Builder – Easily Create Your Own Website

The GoDaddy website builder has a strong customer support system to provide 24/7 and 365 days service to its more than 12 million paid customers who have selected their website addresses from more than 57 million domain names registered with it, which may be largest number throughout the world. All these facts about GoDaddy ensure the dependability, reputation and strength of the company which has many years’ experience of controlling Super Bowl ads.

So if you are searching for some external support to create your own website easily and skillfully then GoDaddy website builder can be the best choice for you as this reputed company can support you very strongly on the basis of its altogether different website designing tools. These tools can help you in creating your own website easily without any extra efforts. But before proceeding further you most know about pros and cons of using this Website Builder.

How Build a Website FAST with GoDaddy website builder

Plans & Pricing

GoDaddy has numerous website builder plans each engineered to suit a customer’s needs. They are as follows:

Godaddy Website Builder – Easily Create Your Own Website

This plan is excellent for customers who intend to design personal websites at an affordable cost of only $1.00 a month. It comes with a free domain with an annual plan and 1 GB disk space. There are an additional 50 personal themes and 150 GB Bandwidth. Customers get to enjoy a free business email from office for the first year after which they can enjoy the service for a small fee. This plan is most popular with small businesses.

The business plan is ideal for small businesses. At only $5.99 a month, you get to enjoy 300 business and personal themes. The plan also has unlimited pages and an impressive 500 GB bandwidth and 10 GB disk space. Customers can enjoy using a free Business email from office for the first year. In addition to this features, this plan includes SEO optimization that guarantees your website a good ranking on Google, Yahoo and other major search engine results.

Business plus

The business plus plan features an exclusive one-click social media manager and an SSL Certificate which is free for the first year. Other features such as those in other plans are also inclusive such as a free business email for the first year and a Search Engine Optimization Option. Contrary to other plans, customers get to enjoy 1000 GB bandwidth. The business plus exclusive one-click social media manager immediately matches your websites Twitter and Facebook feed with that of your website so that at all times they are in sync. The price only $10.99/month.

Godaddy Website Builder – Easily Create Your Own Website

Pros of GoDaddy website builder

  • Easy to use: The most innovative and smooth user interface of GoDaddy website builder makes it easy to use while developing your website intuitively. You can use all of its tools easily anywhere on your website as they are drag and drop tools like slideshows, contact forms, insert images etc. The professional themes designed by more than 300 professionals of this company make it easier for you to build a fully functional website. You can customize the design and layout of the pages along with pre-populated content offered by this company to make your own self designed website
  • Support of Email and Live chat: Strong customer support is another strong feature of this company. The professionals in the customer care department of this company attend each and every phone call of its customers. All of its customers are in their contact all the time through phone lines, email and chat rooms. It will not take more than 5-10 seconds to get response for the phone calls and live chat from the company’s professionals. You can get proper reply of your email within 10-15 hours if you are not in hurry.
  • Support creation of backup and restoration of functions: You can create backup copies of your website whenever needed with the help of GoDaddy website builder. So if you make any mistake in the development of your website or could not save the changes accidently then you need not worry much as you can restore your website or its lost functions through this company. You may not find such function with several other website builders.
  • HUNDREDS of customizable designs
  • FREE Business Email Addresses (Business & Business Plus plans)
  • Mobile Site (Business & Business Plus plans)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Business Plus plan)

Cons of GoDaddy website builder

  • No tool for ecommerce : The website builder of GoDaddy does not has any ecommerce tool for online users. So if you are interested in creating an ecommerce website then you will have to visit another website builder created by GoDaddy specifically for creating websites for online stores which may provide you lesser number of functions.
  • Unchangeable themes: Once you have selected content from a number of themes with pre-occupied contents offered by GoDaddy you can not change it even if it has lots of pre-designed themes. You will have to lose your content in that case. So while choose a theme from GoDaddy website builder you should be very careful.
  • Very basic version for mobile users: Though GoDaddy automatically converts your website to a friendly website to the users of mobile devices but the look and feel of this version is not as good in quality as seen on your desktop or laptop. But they allow you to optimize this mobile version of your website by hiding or displaying any of its contents.

Godaddy Website Builder – Easily Create Your Own Website

Thus, on the basis of the pros and cons discussed above it can be concluded that GoDaddy website builder is ideal for developing creative websites for small business owners including professionals, musicians, restaurant owners and designers. They can quickly and effectively gain online presence with its help.

I hope this article can help you understand about GoDaddy website builder service. Good luck for you and have a nice day 🙂

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