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Can a cheap web hosting company affect efficiency of the site?
Cost is a very important consideration when choosing a web hosting company. However this is not to mean that a very costly company will provide the best service while a cheaper one will provide poor quality service. The main determinate is reliability and efficiency the site is able to offer. Do not go for a cheaper site over reliability and efficiency because these are very important aspects.
How to choose the right web hosting for your website ?
Determine your unique hosting needs.
Your unique needs will determine the kind of website you will need. Some websites may require special software and applications so put this into consideration. Before making any investment, make a rough estimate on the kind of website you want. Knowing your business needs will ensure that you get the right website without over spending.
Access the downtime effect on your business.
All web hosting companies must have down time at some point so it is important to determine the effect the downtime will have on your business. For some websites a downtime of even one minute can be very detrimental to the business. The web hosting company you decide to use should have minimal downtime if you are running a busy site.
Bandwidth and disk space.
These two are very important for efficient traffic flow and smooth uploading of media file uploading to your website. If you choose a hosting plan on monthly basis make sure you get enough bandwidth and disk space to secure your site from being shut down or suspension. Exceeding the allocated bandwidth may lead to suspension of your site. Familiarize yourself with the features concerning hosting so that you do not violate any of the rules or have your account suspended.
Capacity of add-on domain.
Web hosting companies usually offer a maximum number of adds you can add on each account. Most of the companies have a maximum of 25 add-on domains for every account. Make sure you know the maximum number of add-on domain allowed by the web hosting company. You may require to add multiple domains but you find yourself limited by this feature.
Server upgrades alternatives.
The three levels of upgrade are shared, dedicated and virtual. In each level of upgrade you can make the website better and more efficient. In most cases you don’t need to create a new website or add a domain, all you need is to make an upgrade. Know the upgrade options of the web hosting company.
Renewal charges.
Once you start buying a web hosting account, some of the web hosting companies may offer numerous discounts to make the initial price appear cheaper. The initial buying price is not the only thing you should check before purchasing a site. The renewal charges should mostly be checked because they are paid over time.
Refund policy after a trial.
Identify the web hosting companies which provide a refund if clients are not satisfied with the work. Some of companies will offer a certain trial period after which they will allow you to delete your account and refund your money. Always look out for these policy before purchasing a web hosting services.
Auto script installer feature, htaccess and cron jobs.
These are very important features that should be provided by every web hosting company but unfortunately some of the do not offer them. The htaccess is for keeping the site safe and redirecting web pages when needed, the auto script installer serves the purpose of a time saver while the crons job is used in every day’s task.
E-commerce software and features.
If the website is for business purpose or it will be used as an online store, it should come with all the necessary features to help in the e-commerce function. Software like one-click shop are essential and features like a dedicated IP and SSL certification are very crucial for a website related with e-commerce.
Eco-friendly website.
When choosing a web hosting website, you may decide to choose a company that is committed towards keeping eco-friendly procedures. A company that has gained certification in terms of eco-friendly practices may be a consideration among other companies.
E-mail accounts for site official use.
Nearly all the web hosting companies put this into consideration but before choosing any company know the procedure and limitations. Know how safe it is and for you to create an official e-mail account with the site.
Backup for your site.
At some point your site may crush and you will end up losing all data and files you had uploaded on the website. When this happens you need a web hosting company which will have a backup for your lost data. Some of the companies may provide backup while some may not. It is advisable to choose a company that can provide backup for your site on regular basis.
Easy to use control panel.
The control panel will provide easy to use access and use of the panel. It will help you in tasks like editing, uploading of files and many more. Having a friendly control panel is important and most of them are provided by a third party such as cPanel. The use of the site and the control panel should be easy to understand and user friendly. This will help you in developing the site in a short time. In case you are not able to operate the site, it should be simply enough to allow someone else run the site while you are away.
24 hour customer service support.
In case your site is down you will require someone who will respond fast to your query. Waiting for a long time for someone to respond might be very frustrating.
Servers able to adopt to the application you use.
If you are using a WordPress website, the server should have an optimized service to website. This will be very important aspect when managing your site.
Technical staff support - Very Important!
A team of staff should always be available to offer assistance and guidance in case of problems and difficulties in using the site. They should help you deal with problems like transferring files or installing WordPress application, especially in terms of checking for site connection. The staff should be knowledgeable enough and respond any time needed.