Clean Your Website with This 13-Point Checklist

During spring you will hear birds chirp and flowers blossom. This is the best time to tackle spring cleaning. During winter, there is winter’s thaw which is a reminder to clear out the clutter. Just like spring where you tackle your spring cleaning, websites also need to be cleaned. They need annual scrubs to keep things moving. This spring take your time and air out your website. Your audience will appreciate a freshly scrubbed, well-maintained and updated site. Below is a 13-point checklist on how you can clean, maintain and keep your site updated.

1. Update Copyright and the Time references

Clean Your Website with This 13-Point Checklist Copyright and Time references

Of course, there is a lot of information stuffed in your site’ footer. It can feel like a fussy detail but gives a lot of info about the attention and seriousness you pay to your content. Your audience can question the validity and usefulness or an out-of-date site. Always ensure that everything is okay and your website is valid and functional. Ensure the copyright date is up-to-date.

2. Check the broken links

Broken links can discourage your audience and limit the success of your online business or website relevance. If the links you provide are broken or not useful, your customers/clients will be disappointed. This will negatively affect your ranking and profitability. It is good to check your links more than twice are year. Ensure you have a link checker a d tracking.

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3. Test functionality

Always ensure that your site is functional. Fill out forms, take surveys, and sign up for email list offered on your website. Ensure the process is simple, intuitive and functional. Ensure that comments work and remember to test-drive the checkout process and fix any bugs. Ensure that everything is just functional.

4. Renew your domain names

Most people fail to renew their domain names and end up losing the domain. If you can easily forge to renew your domain name, it is always good to set a reminder to do it in time or before expiry. It is very important to renew your domain name especially if you’re operating an online business.

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5. Update your prices and check inventory

Clean Your Website with This 13-Point ChecklistIf you’re selling products, you’re aware that prices may change due to several factors. Always check your prices and ensure that the prices are fair to your customers. It is also important to review inventory. As you check your prices and your profit margin, it is also important to check the products you’ve listed for sale. If you have a slow-moving product, you can reduce the price or remove from the list. Ensure that all discontinued products do not appear on your site.

6. Review consistency

It is important to review consistency. Always scroll down your content and ensure that image sizes and style, fonts, copywriting and grammar styles are consistent throughout your site. If there is any error on inconsistencies, you need to tidy up and ensure a professional look. It is also paramount to check for relevancy and timeliness especially in popular content, introductory posts, and descriptions.

7. Update your Bios

Clean Your Website with This 13-Point ChecklistIf you want your website to have a hire ranking and attract most viewers and potential clients, it is good to keep it fresh and update your bios. You should also ensure that About Us page has all the necessary and up-to-date info. Always double check all key stats and numbers listed on the page. Remember to update staff positions and their current respective duties.

8. Always check and update your Contact Information

If you want your website to appear in the list of top ranking websites, you must ensure that your audience gets response in good time. Unanswered emails or unanswered calls will disappoint your viewers and affect your business in the long run as clients will think that your website is no longer functional. Ensure that your clients can keep in touch via the contact information provided. Always check and update your contact info to make it easier for clients to keep in touch.

9. Note your news

Clean Your Website with This 13-Point ChecklistOld news can damage your website and affect your online business or marketing. Always update your news page. Ensure that your updates are catchy and current. Delete old information and put in the new info that is informative and attractive to your audience.

10. Review Analytics

Majority of people forget to look at Google Analytics. Check out the pages that appear most frequent and those that are getting a bit moldy. Polish up popular posts and do what is best to get more mileage out of those pages. For the dustier pages, you need to bring more viewers with links and shortcuts to popular posts. Ensure the best page gets the right traffic. 

11. Evaluation of calls to action

Are your links such as Subscribe, Buy Now, Donate Here, drawing enough attention? If they’re now drawing the enough attention, you need to rethink on how you can polish them up and do what is necessary to ensure they target a good number of audience and potential customers and clients.

12. Update your policies

Clean Your Website with This 13-Point ChecklistUpdating your policies is highly important. Ensure that your organization’s current practices and clearly and accurately represented. Ensure that nothing has been overlooked and make the necessary changes. Most people make this mistake so often. Failing to update your policies shows unseriousness. This can repel your audience and affect productivity.

13. Don’t forget to review your Hosting Plan

As soon as you have dusted off the details, it is advisable to take a step back and look at the home of your website. You need to ensure that your current hosting plan is working for your customers and of course for you. If your hosting plan is not effective, you need to rethink about a new plan. Always ensure that your website traffic increases as well as your ranking. The more viewers you have, the higher your ranking. If you rank higher on search engines, your business is likely to thrive. Always check on your progress review your hosting plan and fix any problem.

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Clean Your Website with This 13-Point Checklist

You have read here, so you can know what to do with your site. These are common concepts, in the process of making you will develop your own. Hope you will share with everyone about that. Good luck to you 🙂

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