Cloudflare Domain Pricing – Sells Domains At Cost

Cloudflare recently announced that customers can now register new domains directly on their platform rather than register domains at the other registrar and then transfer them to Cloudflare. But what about Cloudflare domain pricing? Does Cloudflare really offer domains at cost prices?

Cloudflare Domain Pricing - Sells Domains At Cost

Cloudflare is a top-rated CDN service and a complete security solution for various websites and applications. In 2018, this company introduced the Cloudflare Registrar, a feature to help customers own a domain at wholesale price with no hidden fees or markups. But at that point, Cloudways didn't support new domain registrations, and you could only transfer your existing domains to them.

Recently, the company has announced that they have fully opened the domain registration functionality to everyone, allowing you to register your favorite domain directly on Cloudflare's platform instead of the other domain registrar. The company also said that they still sell new domain names at the at-cost model, which means they charge you registration fees precisely what they have to pay the registry, plus any applicable ICANN transaction fees. This is excellent news and makes Cloudflare become an affordable and responsible domain registrar in the industry.

Registering your new domain at Cloudflare is simple. Log in to your Cloudflare account and click Add a Site. In addition to adding an existing domain, you can now register a new one there.

Suppose you consider choosing Cloudflare for the following domain registrations and to save money. In that case, you should take an eye to the newest Cloudflare Domain Pricing table and know exactly the cost you have to pay for your domain registration on Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Domain Registration Prices

TLDPrice at Domain RegistryICANN FeePrice at Cloudflare Registrar

(*) Last update: October 2021

Key Features Of Cloudflare Registrar

  • Wholesale pricing for all domains
  • No inflated registration or renewal fees
  • No add-on services required
  • Security shield DDoS protection blue
  • Trusted by millions of Internet properties
  • Prioritized backend security features
  • Security-focused customer support
  • Internet globe blue
  • Native DNS, CDN, and SSL services
  • Developer-friendly API
  • Advanced security and performance
  • Secure domain name management
  • Support for hundreds of TLDs
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-user support
  • WHOIS management
  • Automatic domain renewal
  • Registrar Locking
  • DNSSEC (free)
  • Bulk Domain Transfers

Cloudflare plans to expand the supported TLDs list and add more new extensions, country-code TLDs, premium domains, and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in the coming weeks and months. You can check out Cloudflare TLD Policies to get the complete list of TLDs added recently and coming available for registrations on Cloudflare Registrar.

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