How To Get Cloudways $100 Free Credit

You hear right! Right now, you will have the chance to get up to $100 Cloudways Free Credit and try any managed cloud hosting plan and provider on Cloudways at zero cost. Let’s discover it now!

How To Get Cloudways $100 Free Credit

You can quickly get some free hosting credits on ‘un-managed’ cloud hosting providers to try their services, such as $200 from DigitalOcean, $100 from Linode, or $250 at Vultr. Still, it’s rare to receive something similar from managed providers due to the expensive costs they have to pay for managing your services, and that’s the reason I would like to share this very nice offer at Cloudways – a top managed hosting provider in the industry – which helps you get free up to $100 in hosting credit, then you can use it to pay for any cloudways product you want to try. This offer may be valid for a very limited time, so don’t miss it.

This $100 Cloudways Free Credit offer is only valid for new users who have never used any promotions or discount codes on Cloudways. You don’t need to have any payment but a valid phone number to verify your identity.

How to get $100 Free Credit at Cloudways

  1. Visit Cloudways, and click on the Started Free button.
  2. On the Signup page, enter your information to create a new account.
  3. Click on the Got a Promo Code? link, enter This Coupon Code or This Another Code into there.
  4. Click the Start Free button, then verify your account (a phone number is required in this step).
  5. Navigate to Account -> Credit Card, and click on the AUTHORIZE CREDIT CARD button. Enter your card details and then click on authorize.
  6. Then, navigate to Account -> Funds, and you will see a free $100 in hosting credits.
  7. Deploy a server and launch your first application for free with that free credit.
  8. Enjoy!

How To Get Cloudways $100 Free Credit

This is the highest value of the Cloudways Free Credit you can receive at this time, so if you prefer Cloudways and wanna try their managed hosting services, don’t miss this chance.

Cloudways offers a managed hosting platform where a single account includes the DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon (AWS), and Google (GCE) servers. A Cloudways account and the accounts on those providers are different, therefore, you can simultaneously use the service at all providers without worrying about anything. So you may also want to check out these best deals:

And, don’t forget to check out Cloudways Promo Codes for the best value Cloudways deals every month.

Good luck 🙂


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