Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 Credit

We have update the latest vultr coupon & vultr promo codes in May 2018 that gives you a $25 free credit at Vultr, double credit when add funds to your account and much more.

Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 Credit

2018’s May Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes

Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 CreditSale

x2 Credit when Add Funds

(Limited Time)
Details: Gives you x2 credit when you add funds to your account. eg: if you add $100 to account, you will receive $200. The credit plus more is valid for 12 months. This offers only for NEW account.
Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 CreditSale

Try Vultr, and get up to $100 for Free!

(Limited Time)
Details: Simply create an account at Vultr. When you fund your account Vultr will match dollar for dollar up to $100 of your Initial Funding
Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 CreditSale

Receive $50 in Free Credit!

(Limited Time)
Details: Limited time offer from Vultr.Com give you free $50 in account credit. Claim to get free SSD VPS hosting!
$50 USD Code

DO More with Vultr, Fee $50 Credit

(Ends: Unknown)
Details: Applies this code in the Billing page to get free $50 in account credit for using in 6 months.
$20 USD Code

Get $20 Credit

(Ends: Limited time)
Details: Help you receive free $20 credit when you sign up new account.
$20 USD Code

Get $20 Credit

(Ends: 2018)
Details: Enter this coupon code while deploy new vps for receive free $20 Vultr credit.
20% off Code

Save 20% for Existing Customer

(Ends: Limited time)
Details: Just login to your account, then go to the link '', you'll get 20% off for the Compute Instance package.
Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 CreditSale

$5 Free Trial!

(Limited Time)
Details: This deal give you $5 to start trial Vultr VPS.
Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 Credit

Get Your FREE Cute Stickers

If you’re a Vultr existing customer, you’ll have a chance to get a Free Swag from Vultr. Swag are the sticker of all Vultr symbols, Its very nice and so cute :D. Click button below to go to the request link:


(In the free swag page, you fill all of your infirmations that they required, note that you must enter the email address of your Vultr account, then wait for approval from Vultr.)


How you get $3 in Credit when follow and tweet about Vultr on Twitter

  1. Login to your Vultr Account.
  2. Then go to The Promo page, or click to this link.
  3. Next, Vultr gives you 3 options to get free $3 credit in your account. That is Verify your Twitter account, Follow @Vult on Twitter and Tweet about Vultr.
  4. Just click to the button below one of 3 options and finished it, you’ll have free $1. 🙂

Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 Credit


How you get a 50GB Block Storage for Free

  • Go & log into Account Management at Vultr
  • Next, click to the section Block Storage >>> Add Block Storage
  • Next, select 50GB in the Storage Size, enter any Storage Label name you want.
  • Final, hit to Add Block Storage button and waiting until the process of creating Block Storage is completed.

Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 Credit

(The 50GB Block Storage gift is only available for the VPS that located in New York, NJ.)

Double Your Deposit at Vultr.Com

*** Update: Offer is no longer valid.
Vultr will match your first deposit dollar for dollar, up to $100, when you open a new account. Whenever, If you’re new at Vultr, you also can get double your deposit when you create an account and make a first payment, maximum of up to $100 credit. Cannot be combined with any other offers, new customers only.

Eg: If you add funds of $100 to your Vultr account at the first payment, and in a wink, you’ll have $200 :D. No need any coupons, very great !!!

Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 CreditClick button below to go to the promotion page:

  – Sign up and Get Double Your Deposit at Vultr.
  • Promotional credit will expire 12 months after issuance.
  • This promotion is available for a limited time.
  • New customers only.

How to use Vultr coupon

  1   Go to Vultr Vps site, then click to Pricing at the top menu.
  2   Choose Vps plan you want, then create new account (or login old account)
  3   On Account Manager page, click to Billing in the top menu.
  4   On the Billing page, choose Credit Card tab (as default), fill your credit card information, then paste Vultr coupon you has copied to Redeem Gift Codes and Coupons box, then click Apply, then click the Link To Card button at the bottom of page.
  5   After add free credit success, you switch to Deploy tab and choose things you want for your VPS, after that click Place Order button. You’re finished.

Vultr Review

Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 is still a relatively new company having been in operation for less than 5 years. Despite this, it has rapidly grown to become one of the best VPS hosting providers in the market, rivaling big names like DigitalOcean. It offers KVM cloud instances that use SSD storage meaning you get cloud features. After launching, Vultr only offered a handful features but has expanded their feature set to include quick deployment, many server locations, ipv6, private networks, startup scripts, SSH keys, and more.If you are looking into getting VPS hosting for your blog or business website, Vultr is one company that you should seriously consider. But do not take our word to be the gospel truth, take time to read through this Vultr review and make a decision after you are done… read more

Vultr Pricing

PlanRAMCPUStorage (SSD)TransferPrice
Plan 1768MB1 Core15 GB1000GB$5/mSign Up
Plan 21024MB1 Core20 GB2000GB$10/mSign Up
Plan 32048MB2 Core45 GB3000GB$20/mSign Up
Plan 44096MB4 Core90 GB4000GB$40/mSign Up
Plan 58192MB6 Core150 GB5000GB$80/mSign Up
Plan 616384MB8 Core300 GB6000GB$160/mSign Up
Plan 732768MB16 Core600 GB10000GB$320/mSign Up
Plan 865536MB24 Core700 GB15000GB$640/mSign Up

Vultr Speed Test

Please click here to get the Links download file from Vultr server at 15 cities around the world for you test download speed from your location.
Vultr Coupon & Promo Codes May 2018: Free $25 Credit

How to deploy a droplet at Vultr

Frequently Asked Questions for Vultr users

What operating system templates that Vultr offering?
They currently offer the following options: CentOS 6 x64, CentOS 6 i386, CentOS 5 x64, CentOS 5 i386, CentOS 7 x64, Ubuntu 12.04 x64, Ubuntu 12.04 i386, Ubuntu 14.04 x64, Ubuntu 14.04 i386, Ubuntu 15.04 x64, Ubuntu 15.04 i386, Ubuntu 15.10 x64, Ubuntu 15.10 i386, Debian 7 x64 (wheezy), Debian 7 i386 (wheezy), Debian 8 x64 (jessie), Debian 8 i386 (jessie), FreeBSD 10.2 x64, CoreOS Stable, Windows 2012 R2 x64. Windows licensing carries an additional $16 per instance surcharge. Vultr also offers the ability to install your own operating system from any Custom ISO you upload.
Does Vultr offer console access for users?
Yes, you can access the console for your virtual machine using the control panel.
Does they offer instance backups?
Yes, you may create snapshots of any active instance at any time. An they also offer daily automated backups – a paid service.
Where Can i check Vultr Status?
You can check it at here.
Can i additional new ip address ?
Yes, you can. Add new IPv4 Addresses cost $2/month or $0.003/hour
I forgot root password, how can i reset it?
You can reset root password at anytime. Follow all steps at here.
How can i enable private network?

You can enable Private Networking in two ways:
1. For new instances, on the deploy page you can select the Enable Private Networking checkbox
2. For existing instances, on the IPv4 tab you will have an Enable Private Networking button. This will require that you manually adding the configuration for the private interface. (You can spin up a new instance with the same OS if you want to see a sample configuration)

How can i upgrade my server?

From your control panel, please click on “Manage” for your VM and look under the Change Plan section

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