Control D Promo Code – 5 Year Subscription For $39.99

If you are looking for a smart DNS service that can block ads, unlock contents, bypass geo-restriction sites, improve your privacy, and enjoy a better online experience, you can try out Control D. You can use Control D for free, but for more features and benefits, you can upgrade to a premium plan. So, we would like to share a limited-time offer that you can take to get a ControlD 5-Year subscription for only $39.99, which is 66% off the regular price. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Control D 5-Year Subscription For $39.99

$39.99 ($120) - 66% OFF
  • Lifetime Offer
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Block 300+ Services

Subscribe to Control D Some Control plan for just $39.99 for up to 5 years of usage. This plan supports 10 devices to block up to 300+ services, create 10,000 custom rules and 10 configurations, multi profiles, and more.

Control D Review

Control D Promo Code – 5 Year Subscription For $39.99

Control D is a smart DNS service by the makers of Windscribe VPN. It lets you choose from different preset or custom DNS servers that can block or unblock certain types of content, such as malware, ads, trackers, social media, adult content, crypto miners, etc. Also, you can use Control D to bypass geo-restrictions, and access content from different countries using proxy servers, blocking or unblocking certain services or websites, which can help you improve your productivity or limit your screen time.

Control D is not a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider!

How Does Control D Work?

First, you need to know what DNS is. DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is a system that translates domain names (such as into IP addresses (such as that computers can understand. When you use a DNS service, you essentially use a third-party server to resolve domain names for you.

By default, most devices use the DNS servers provided by their internet service providers (ISPs). However, these DNS servers may not be very secure, private, or reliable. They may also censor or manipulate websites or content you want to access. For example, some ISPs may block access to certain streaming services or news outlets that are not available in your region.

Control D Promo Code – 5 Year Subscription For $39.99

This is where Control D comes in. Control D lets you use its own DNS servers instead of your ISPs. You can do this manually by changing the DNS settings on your device or by using the Control D app for Android or Windows (the iOS app is currently unavailable due to Apple’s policies). You can also use Control D on your router to cover all the devices on your network.

This way, you can enjoy more privacy, security, and customization when browsing the web. Control D also offers some additional features that make it stand out from other DNS services.

Key Features Of Control D

Control D Promo Code – 5 Year Subscription For $39.99

Web Filtering

Control D Smart DNS allows you to block various types of websites and online services easily. With a single toggle switch, you can enable one of 18 native content filters or numerous third-party filters to block things like:

  • Malware and phishing sites
  • Advertisements and tracking websites
  • Potentially harmful content such as pornography or drug-related sites
  • Newly registered domains
  • Torrenting, file hosting, crypto, and gambling websites
  • Specific services like Facebook, TikTok, or Steam (400+ services available)

For greater control, you can block individual domain names and entire top-level domains or use wildcard rules to block groups of sites. The flexible filtering options let you tailor your web access as needed.

Malware Protection

Control D utilizes multiple layers of protection to prevent malicious domains from resolving, which is one of the best ways to safeguard devices and networks. These layers include:

  • Domain-level threat intelligence feeds: Control D subscribes to dozens of threat intelligence feeds and blocks malicious domains in real time as part of the “Relaxed” Malware filter.
  • IP-level threat intelligence feeds: Control D subscribes to IP-level threat feeds and blocks domains resolving to malicious IPs as part of the “Strict” Malware filter.
  • Machine learning blocking (coming soon): An inline machine learning model will block malicious domains in real time, not in third-party threat feeds.

Combining these threat data sources and machine learning enables Control D to provide robust and multi-faceted protection from malicious domains.

Traffic Redirection

Unlike other DNS filtering services that only offer “allow” or “block” options, Control D provides a third choice: redirecting domain names, services, top-level domains, or all browsing activity through transparent proxies. With over 100 proxy exit locations available, this feature masks the end user’s IP address from the destination. The redirection option gives users more flexibility in how they control and secure their web access. In addition to blocking malicious content, users can redirect web traffic for privacy, circumvention of geographic restrictions, and other purposes.


Control D provides statistics on all your DNS resolvers, allowing you to see which domains are being resolved, blocked, or redirected. You can gain valuable insights into network activity and user behavior by monitoring these statistics.

Modern Protocols

Control D supports these DNS protocols:

  • Legacy DNS (UDP53) – least secure but most widely supported
  • DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) – most secure, supported by modern OSes
  • DNS-over-TLS (DoT) – most secure, supported by modern OSes
  • DNS-over-QUIC (DoQ) – experimental protocol leveraging TLS over QUIC

Generally, ControlD is a powerful and versatile DNS service that can help you control your internet experience. It, however, has several limitations, such as not working with all websites and not guaranteeing privacy or security on every website, but with many benefits above, it is still worth money and using.


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