The Cost Of Domain Name – 3 Things to Consider !

Do you want to set up a business/service website? Do you really want to have the best pricing for the service? If you really want to set up an excellent website, you need to hire the best web developers and have a good domain name. A better result, you need to have a good domain name. Of course, you’re be required to pay more if you really want a good domain name.

The Cost Of Domain Name – 3 Things to Consider !

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost ?

Do you know how it may cost you to have a good domain name? This could be as cheap as 10 dollars a year or as expensive as 10 million dollars per year. It will depend on exactly what you want. There are some domains that require you to pay a lot of money. This is because of the traffic they generate to your website. A good domain will play a significant role in the success of your business. Top Level Domains (TLD)  are higher than ordinary domain names.

If you want to bring down the cost of domains, there are a few tricks and tips you need to know. Do you want to know how to start a blog? Below are the things you need to know if you’re planning to buy domain

Sweet discount

Sweet discounts are not bad at all, only to be clear, but here’s the catch. Some domain registrars play a trick with that. They will offer an attractive 3-5-year discount if you enroll your domain for this amount of time. Next, they will pay the registry for one year, pocket the remaining amount and go on to resume the domain name yearly until your time expires. Worse, they may toss in a ‘no reimbursement policy’ which means although you may leave, they are the one to benefit.

What exactly should one do? Visit Whois lookup, type in your details, and verify if the expiry date matches the time frame you paid for.

Hidden fees

Domain registrars charge differently depending on services offered and the name of your domain. There are registrars that have hidden charges. There have been a lot of complaints from clients who are required to pay more. Only 60 percent of registrars touch on billing issues. There are companies that charge auto-renewal charges without the knowledge of website owners. Some of these hidden charges are hidden within long terms of service where clients can rarely find. Most of the registrars might charge you transfer fee 3 times higher than the actual cost when transferring your domain to another domain registrar. It can be really sucking!

If you happen to be a victim of that case, you need complain to the registrar. If you’re lucky enough, the transaction will be reversed. The best thing is to be aware of such companies to lower the chances of being the next victim.


Whois Scams

Whois is a great tool but rogue registrars, especially the budget ones with peculiar names, have made it a habit to control the site to their gain. All newly listed domains must be published to Whois, an openly accessible database, for distribution.

As well make sure you carefully scrutinize the Whois Privacy services where the registrars will ask as the registrant under your Whois records. This might bring you legal problems when complicated issues appear.

Lastly, ensure that the Whois data source is free for all and so to take care of data from being mined by bad guys.

Other important things to note include:

  • Placing a registrar-security so as to prevent any person from taking your domain away from you. Do it for your domains.
  • Receive a domain auth-code to further secure your domain name against unauthorized transfers. Always have an 8-character code for security before anyone transfers your domain.
  • No invisible fees. Everything has recently been laid bare. Over a different note, such fees always make it hard knowing exactly how much is a domain name.
  • Lets us you have immediate gain access to your entire Whois information, your auth-codes, registrar tresses, and other significant elements such as full power over the DNS settings.
  • Avoid those who avoid paying the registry advance for the specific time frame you’ve registered your domain name for.
  • Provides a privacy emailing service from Whois for free.
  • Never provide or share your details with third parties.
  • Fast in responding to your queries and not too pushy with the services.


The question ‘how much will it cost to get a domain name‘ comes into better perspective when you learn to consider all these factors we’ve described. With all these things in mind, you are safe making your purchase.

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