DigitalOcean Has Enabled Sign Up and Sign In with Google Account

Starting May 16th, 2018, you can use your own Google account to access to the control panel at DigitalOcean, this new feature work wells for both new users and existing users.

DigitalOcean Has Enabled Sign Up and Sign In with Google Account

How this feature works ?

This feature will work differently depending on the status of your account. If you are NEW at DigitalOcean, you can use your google account to signup, no needs to use an email and password. Or if you are an existing user, you can link your DO acccount with your Google account from the control panel and sign-in using your Google credentials. Lets look at below to known how its works.

Case 1: For New Users


DigitalOcean Has Enabled Sign Up and Sign In with Google Account

When you access to DigitalOcean Signup page and click to the Sign Up With Google button, you will be prompted to select the Google account for which you’d like to authorize for your DigitalOcean login.

DigitalOcean Has Enabled Sign Up and Sign In with Google Account

Now click to choice your google account you want. After that, you will be redirected to the Verification page to enter your billing information. Fills to all required fields to complete. Now you google account has been linked with digitalocean account and You will be able to use your Google Account for the next sign-in.

Notes: When you used google account to sign up, digitalocean only collect and stored your email address, first name, and last name. And you can deauthorize DigitalOcean from your Google security dashboard at anytime you wish.

Bonus: This time, You can get a $100 free credit at DigitalOcean if you're New with them.

Case 2: For Existing Users

If you are an existing user with DigitalOcean, you also can use this new feature to sign-in to the dashboard without enter anything, and if you wish you can can de-link your Google account from DigitalOcean at anytime.

How to Link GoDaddy account to a DigitalOcean accountHow to De-Link GoDaddy account to a DigitalOcean account
  • In your Account Settings > Security page, click Use Google SSO.
  • Follow the prompts from Google to authorize your account, and you’ll then be returned to your DigitalOcean account settings.
  • On next sign in, you can use the ‘Login with Google’ function.
  • In your Account Settings > Security page, click Remove Google SSO.
  • On your next login, you’ll enter the email and password for your account instead of using the Login with Google function.
  • If you’ve never set a password because you signed up with Google, or don’t remember your password, follow the ‘Forgot Password’ steps on your next login.

That's all about this new feature at DigitalOcean. In a way, this feature can help you secure your account. Hope this article is useful to you, good luck 🙂

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