DigitalOcean launches a new package pricing – $15/mo w/ 3GB RAM

DigitalOcean just launched a new package pricing: $15/mo includes 3GB RAM, 1 VCPU, 20GB SSD disk with 3TB Bandwidth for a month !

DigitalOcean launches a new package pricing – $15/mo w/ 3GB RAM
This new package gives you a more RAM and Bandwidth (3GB RAM and 3TB Transfer), but the number of CPU is same with the $10/$5 package – 01 vCPU, the SSD storage is 20GB – same with the $10 plan.

I think, this package will be inside the series High Memory Package that DigitalOcean will introduce to customers in the near future. In future, maybe we’ll have more Cloud Hosting options for choosing at DO, we let’s just wait and see !

And for everyone who want to use this plan for now, let use coupon LOWENDBOX and you will have a free $15 credit in the balance, which means a one month free for use of this new package !

I hope this information is helpful to you and don’t forget to take a look on our digitalocean promo code page to get the latest DO discounts for every month! Have a nice day 🙂

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