GoDaddy Auctions Review – Domain Name Aftermarket

Buying and selling of domains have become a big business these days. You’d be pretty surprised to know how a few words can be so valuable. This is the reason that domain auction sites are getting popular day by day. However, a lot of them require you to become a premium member to sell the domains and demand huge fee, before you can even list out the domain name for sale. A great alternative to sell or buy your domains is to register with in-house auctions. In fact, GoDaddy Auctions provide a great alternative for this task.

GoDaddy Auctions Review – Domain Name Aftermarket

Getting Started – GoDaddy Auctions

With GoDaddy Auctions, you will need to pay a little to play. For small price of $5.49/year, you can buy the annual membership. Apparently, there is just one way to “circumvent” the annual cost and that is to avail the service through domain back-order service of GoDaddy. If you set a back-order on a particular domain, the GoDaddy’s Auction membership will automatically get included in the service price. Back-ordering a domain will costs around $20.00, but if you do the math, you will realize that it is an easy way to go. Like most GoDaddy services, you can GoDaddy Auctions Coupon to save some money on the transaction. If you are frugal in nature then you will certainly find the auction quite helpful.

GoDaddy Auction – Features

  • Auction Listing Types
  • 7-Day Public Auction
  • Offer or Counter Offer with Buy-Now
  • Offer or Counter Offer without Buy- Now
  • Buy Now Only Offer

GoDaddy Auction – Basic Plan

The basic plan of GoDaddy Auction includes all of the following given below:

● Specify the time when the auction will end ( in hours)

● Does the domain name include a website?

● Does it contains any adult material?

● A short description of the domain/site (255 words)

● One free category listing

GoDaddy Auction – Premium Plan

The premium plan of GoDaddy Auctions is also referred to as “Visibility Upgrades”. It includes all the features of the basic pan with some exclusive; include all of the above with some added features. For an additional fee of $2.99, you can add 4 categories to the domain listing. Features of Premium plan include:

● Specify the time when the auction will end ( in hours)

● Does the domain name include a website?

● Does it contains any adult material?

● A short description of the domain/site (255 words)

● One free category listing

● Front page feature

● Category page feature

Seller Fee

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will be required to pay flat-rate-fee for per domain. The seller will pay 10% charge per domain sale, or $5, depending on which one cuts more profit.

GoDaddy Auction – Payment Account Configuration

When it comes to payment options, GoDaddy has made it very simple. You will register with

GoDaddy Auctions with your existing-registrar log in ID and password. All you need to do is add a payment profile. You can send and receive payment in three ways. These are:

  • PayPal
  • Electronic Payment
  • GoDaddy Good As Gold
Here is how you do it: Choose one payment option , give it a nickname, and you’re done! The settings will change through Payments Tab under the Setting tab.

How to use GoDaddy Autions:

(this video made by GoDaddy, view full at:

GoDaddy Auctions Review – Domain Name Aftermarket

Pros of GoDaddy Auctions

– You will like GoDaddy Auctions because its simple and quick.

– You can use the same registrar account that you use for other services on GoDaddy.

– Domains on this site are fastly verified, free to list and you don’t need to spend hours researching for domain.

– Since most of the domains have been registered with GoDaddy itself, transferring and pushing ownership is relatively easy.

– You can use GoDaddy Auctions coupon to save money when buying a plan.

Cons of GoDaddy Auctions

– You may not be able to make a quick sale.

– It has low visibility as it has just started working on the auction grounds.

– Instead of 200 domains, it shows only 20 with lengthy description and user comments.

Want to join GoDaddy Auctions member to bid the favorite domain names? Don’t forget use godaddy auctions coupon to save cost.


Overlal, GoDaddy seem like a perfect aftermarket for domain names with some value. Those who don’t want to spend more than $30 on listing fee demanded by specialized auction sites, then GoDaddy is the best place to be. On this site, you can even track the interests, traffic, etc. as additional perks of the service. If you have a domain name that you think has the potential to fetch the premium cash, then try out GoDaddy Auctions and make your investment worthwhile.

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