GoDaddy Cloud Servers – Free for 30 days

New service from GoDaddy, Cloud Servers, is running free 30 days trial. You can build, test, clone and destroy virtual instances with this service.

GoDaddy Cloud Servers  - Free for 30 days

5 Plans

P.20GB512MB1 Core20GB1TB$5.00 /month
P.30GB1GB1 Core30GB2TB$10.00 /month
P.40GB2GB2 Core40GB3TB$20.00 /month
P.60GB4GB2 Core60GB4TB$40.00 /month
P.80GB8GB4 Core80GB8TB$80.00

Feature highlight

  • Snapshots
  • Auto Backups
  • Private networking
  • SSD high performance
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • OpenStack powered KVM virtualization

Cloud Servers Datacener

  • U.S.A: Ashburn, VA
  • U.S.A: Phoenix. AZ
  • Europe: Amsterdam (Available soon).
  • Asian: Singapore (Available soon).

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GoDaddy Cloud Servers using Intel Hex Core CPUs and do not currently support the ability to create custom plans where resources can be increased independently, no add additional SSD / disk space. You can billing begin once you provision your cloud server, and hourly billing based on actual usage will accrue up to the monthly limit for your cloud server selection. As I find, this service provide no more options for customers and high price if compression with DigitalOcean, but it's new service from GoDaddy, so we hope they'll make it better.

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