GoDaddy Code Signing Certificate Coupon – Up to 40 Off

The Code Signing Certificate service at GoDaddy is one of more ways to protection your websites. It’s a digital signature placed on software and other executable files and scripts. Code signatures prove the identity of software authors and validates that the software hasn’t been tampered with since its original distribution. This service will secure your software with the same industry-standard encryption (high-grade SHA-2 encryption) used for SSL certificates, making it impossible for others to alter your code. It work with several types of files and languages, including .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, Java, HTML, ActiveX, even Microsoft® Office macros and any other file types that support digital signatures.


How it works (video by GoDaddy)

GoDadddy Code Signing Certificates will validates your codes and secures them by high-grade SHA-2 encryption, eliminates security warnings during download and installation, so help you earn your customers trust.

GoDaddy Code Signing Plans


GoDaddy Code Signing Coupon

Save 40% Code Signing service ! ($119.99/year)

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