Godaddy Dedicated Server Review

GoDaddy is one of the biggest domain-registrar in the world. Over 40 offerings are offered by this company to its’ customers which include web hosting, domain name registration, E commerce solutions along-with complete site builders and e-mail services. Currently, GoDaddy manages about 45 million domain-names and serves over 10.7 million users worldwide.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Review

What is a Dedicated Server?

A virtual dedicated-server is different from a true dedicated-server in the sense that the dedicated server is basically a single server (that is, a computer that has been designed for sites) which only you’ve use of, while a virtual-server is the server that is shared with numerous or multiple users in such a way that its’ only you who has access to Part-of the server resources (thus virtual). In case a server has, for instance say, 8GB of memory & 2TBs of HDs and it is shared between four users, each of the users will have use-of 2GB of the memory and the 500MBs of HD-space: meaning that will be 2GB, 500MB HD-VPS. It is called virtual dedicated server basically because each of the users may use their part-of the server just like a dedicated server.

Godaddy Dedicated Server Review

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Review

GoDaddy dedicated-server service has Linux & Windows operating system choices or options, & both of them basically come with numerous different packages so as to meet the customers different requirements.
Its’ basic package generally includes:
+ 2GB of RAM
+ 512GB of storage space 
+ 5TB per month bandwidth
+ one IP address
+ an optional 1 click install, automatic updates and patching, among others.
– For the Linux and Windows users, GoDaddy offers them with Plesk or cPanel control-panel respectively. Since they’re very popular & easy to use control panels, users are allowed-to use to setup & manage their own servers conveniently no-matter which 1 they choose. In addition, the GoDaddy dedicated server coupon also makes sure there’s flexible expand-room for increasing needs and instant provisioning. The root access feature also allows users to edit their own server files, or/and install PHP or/and Magneto, among others

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Pricing

GoDaddy generally charges monthly fees for its’ hosting services, however, it reduces the prices if you happen to commit to the multi month or the annual package. Unfortunately though, GoDaddy requires the user to sign-up for its’ pricier Deluxe or the Ultimate plans (which start at $8.99 & $14.99, respectively). The option to pay-for Web hosting on month to month basis (that is, basic Economy, they require you to sign-up for a minimum of 3 months). This might not have much impact on your business, but a cash strapped blogger might not appreciate this GoDaddy’s lack-of a single month-option in its’ Economy package.

The Economy basic shared-hosting package includes: free domain names (in form of which you can get to keep so long as you are using GoDaddy, 100 GB of the storage space, ability to host 1 website, an unlimited bandwidth, the 100 e-mail addresses, & 200 apps.
The Deluxe plan (which start at $ 8.99 a month, or $ 4.49 a month with annual commitment) basically builds upon the basic Economy package by simply adding an unlimited storage, an unlimited website hosting, & 500 email addresses.
The Ultimate package (starts at $ 14.99 a month, or $ 7.49 a month with annual commitment) and it adds premium DNS management-tool, one thousand email addresses, & a one year SSL Certificate.

VPS & Dedicated Server Plans

– GoDaddy VPS plans (which start at $ 29.99 a month for 1-GB of RAM, 40-GB of storage, & 1TB of the bandwidth) provide more server-power than the shared hosting, and they’re recommended for sites which have a significant number of visitors. VPS offerings go for $139 a month for 8-GB of RAM, 240-GB of storage, & 8-TB of bandwidth. The dedicated servers, which you will need for the highly trafficked sites, usually come in many different configurations. GoDaddy dedicated server-plans begin at a relatively-low $129 a month (2-GB of RAM, 512-GB of storage, 5-TB of bandwidth) & max out at $-349 a month (32-GB of RAM, 2-TB of storage, 20-TB of bandwidth).

– GoDaddy dedicated server coupon usually charges a $129.99 per month fee, but if you sign with the long term service, you’ll receive up-to 15 percent off thus making its’ dedicated server price begin from $110.47 per month. Meanwhile, GoDaddy basically guarantees a 45 Day Money Back.

Uptime and Reliability

– Uptime-for GoDaddy is rather excellent. A recent incident which occurred in the year 2012 which lasted for 1 day whereby the data centers got hacked and millions of domains went-offline; GoDaddy kept its’ customers data looking really great with complete RAID-1 disk mirroring.

GoDaddy Customer Support

– GoDaddy customer support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The customers may communicate with the support team via phone & email support. In case a customer is facing any sort of problem concerning his or her hosted server then-they should feel free-to contact the support team at GoDaddy company at any time of the day. However, GoDaddy isn’t offering the facility-of live chat support.

Pros of the GoDaddy Dedicated Server

– Each and every firm has its’ advantages and its’ disadvantages, & similar is this case with GoDaddy Dedicated Server Coupon. The administration or the control panels that are provided by the firm are difficult to use, however, the best advantage or benefit of this particular hosting firm is they’re providing many accounts which are actually said to be quite appreciated by their clients.

– The hosting service-of GoDaddy is also quite fast for all sorts of websites even if you’re using shared servers. Their customer support is also greatly improving. In case you’re unable to figure-out their control panel you may call them for immediate assistance. The firm is providing nearly everything that’s possibly used-for hosting & domain. So far, the firm has the biggest-variety of domain extensions.

Cons of GoDaddy-Dedicated Server

– Compared to various other dedicated server providers, the GoDaddy dedicated server-performance may be called just as good, rather than premium. Aside from that, the most cost effective Live Chat-method isn’t available to the customers.

Setting Up your GoDaddy Hosted Website

– GoDaddy’s flexible site Builder is a great site building tool. Its’ incredibly easy-to-add forms, your social media links, the Google Maps, the slideshows, and various other items to the site, you simply drag them around your template. GoDaddy site Builder produces far more attractive websites than their competition. In addition, GoDaddy has dozens-of applications in its’ installation library which can be easily used to improve or enhance your site, including Yelp, Homefinder and PayPal. GoDaddy also provides WordPress centric hosting which starts at a dollar per month. Signing-up for it has its’ advantages. GoDaddy also has thousands of different themes & plugins, nightly backups, & automatic-WordPress software updates.

Bottom Line

GoDaddy is a really attractive and flexible Web hosting-service which has strong compatibility-with Microsoft’s apps & extremely helpful customer service representatives.

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