GoDaddy has discounted .Mobi to $4.99/year, No quantity limit

Save up to 72% on .mobi domain at GoDaddy, just $17.99 $4.99/year. Let tell to the world your site is made for mobile, and at a cheapest cost.

Why choose a .MOBI domain ?

  • .MOBI names are designed for mobile use !
  • .MOBI is backed by leading mobile operators and Internet Content Providers including Hutchison, Ericsson, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, T-Mobile, Vodafone , Telefónica Móviles, TIM, etc.
  • .MOBI domains help search engines find You
  • Responds to requests from mobile devices at its primary URL.
  • Many great .mobi domains are still available, so let protect your brand from copycats and competitors 🙂

GoDaddy has discounted .Mobi to $4.99/year, No quantity limit

Order a .Mobi Now.Mobi for just $4.99/yr (Up to 72% off)
  • Payment options: Paypal & Credit Card
  • Valid for the 1st year registration only, renew will be at $17.99

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Good luck, guys 🙂

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