GoDaddy .Net domain promotion – Just $1.99/year

New promotion for the .Net domain from GoDaddy, save 88% on registration of a year – starting at just $1.99/year.

GoDaddy .Net domain promotion – Just $1.99/year

This promotion can be used for all GoDaddy customers (new or old), and you can buy unlimited the .NET domains you want, a year is $1.99, 2 years at $9.49­/yr ($18.98/2yrs). domain renewals at $16.99 !

Register .NET just $1.99/yr

GoDaddy .Net domain promotion – Just $1.99/year

Besides, you can additional the domain privacy with only $1.00/yr while you buying, just used coupon “CJCRMN3CP“.

Good luck 🙂

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