GoDaddy Renewal Tip To Save Up To 27% OFF

A few years ago, if you had domains at GoDaddy, you could easily find a coupon code for renewing those domains and get a discount. But these days, you will feel tired and waste time looking for a GoDaddy renewal discount code because most of them have been invalid or expired.

GoDaddy Renewal Tip To Save Up To 27% OFF

We understand that, so we’re working hard to keep our Godaddy Renewal Coupon always up to date. But sometimes, you may get a coupon that didn’t work in your case but still works for the others. There are so many reasons, so I highly suggest you read the post “Why GoDaddy Promo Code Not Working?” before using the renewal codes and Godaddy new purchase coupons on our site.

Back on the post, I would like to share a new way to get a discount when you renew any products & services at GoDaddy. You can earn between 20-27% off depending on the product you are renewing. No coupon is needed, and it’s straightforward to do.

The Tip To Get Up To 27% On Renewal At GoDaddy

(I’ve used .COM domain in the guide and skip some basic steps)

– STEP 1: Log in to GoDaddy Account Manager. Next to Domains, click Manage.

GoDaddy Renewal Tip To Save Up To 27% OFF

Step 1: Click Domain Manage

– STEP 2: Select the domain you want to renew and click on the Settings Icon in the top right corner. Then select Domain Settings. Then click Renew, and choose your renewal settings.

GoDaddy Renewal Tip To Save Up To 27% OFF

Step 2: Select Domain Settings > Renew


– STEP 3: Next, At the Check Out screen, you click on the Currency drop-down list on the top left corner and change it into INR then complete the checkout process.

GoDaddy Renewal Tip To Save Up To 27% OFF

Step 3: Change Currency to INR

After doing these 3 steps, you will see the renewal price of the .Com will drop to Rs.699 about $10.5.

GoDaddy Renewal Tip To Save Up To 27% OFF

Finally: You get RS.699 (~$10.5) on .COM renewal


Finally, place your renewal order with that promo price.

That’s all!

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Let me know if you didn’t get the discounted price after switching the currency.

I hope this can help you, have nice a day 🙂


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