GoDaddy Introduces The SmartLine Service, Start For Free!

The SmartLine™ is a new service of Godaddy, it’s an application that gives you a second phone number for current mobile number. It can help separate your business and personal number, send and receive texts, know who’s calling to you and display your business number whenever you call a client using the SmartLine app.

GoDaddy Introduces The SmartLine Service, Start For Free!

GoDaddy SmartLine service

How GoDaddy SmartLine™ Works

GoDaddy Introduces The SmartLine Service, Start For Free!

First: You need visit to GoDaddy SmartLine™ page, press to Start for Free button to signup this service. After that, you search for a local number with a U.S. area code you want (SmartLine is currently available in the United States only.)
Next: Download the SmartLine™ app and install it on your current smartphone. Then you link your current mobile number to the number you choose at the previous step.
Final: Now you’re ready to make and receive calls and texts using your business number to keep your personal number private through the app.

Compare Plans

GoDaddy’s offers two different plans (SmartLine & SmartLine Basic) to you choose. Below is the comparison table that shows you the difference of two plans. Take a look to find which plan works best for you and your business.

Description\Plan SmartLine Basic SmartLine
Minutes Included 100 per month Unlimited
Texts Included Send: 100/mo
Receive: Unlimited
Choose a local U.S. phone number     
Set business hours for when your phone rings      
Caller ID shows your business number      
Read your voicemail via automatic transcriptions      
Customizable voicemail greeting      
A 1-800 number shows you mean business   
Price $9.99/mo Try it free for one month $19.99/mo Try it free for one month

How To Get a GoDaddy SmartLine Free-Trial

Currently you try the SmartLine™ free for one month. Following the steps below to active your free trial.

1. Visit the SmartLine website.
2. Click Start for Free to view the available plans.
3. Click Start for Free under the plan that fits your business needs. 
4. Enter the area code for your business. Click Search
5. A phone number will be automatically suggested for you, but you will have the option to select another number from the results below. 
6. Once you find the number you like, click Select next the preferred phone number.
7. You will be asked to sign into your GoDaddy account.
8. On the next page, click Start Free Trial.
9. Once your SmartLine number has been added to your account, you will directed to the Setup page. 

SmartLine FAQs

SmartLine Taxes and Fees

You can learn more about the different taxes and fees you might find on your SmartLine receipt. Click on the section that corresponds to the specific tax or fee you need more information about.

Can you make and receive calls from outside the U.S

At this time, you can make calls to U.S. phone numbers only. The feature to receive any calls from any phone number worldwide will be updated soon.

Does SmartLine use my phone plan's minutes? Does It's use WiFi for calling ?

Yes. When you make and receive calls, SmartLine uses the minutes included in your cellular phone plan. It’s using your cellular phone network to make and receive calls, not Wifi.

Is SmartLine a VoIP phone service?
No !
Can i keep the number if I later choose an alternate VoIP / phone provider ?

Yes, you can port your Smartline number to another carrier as long as your Smartline account is active and within good standing.

Can I use two mobile devices with one SmartLine Number ?

Yes, you can. But only the linked phone would get push notifications when you received a call/text message.

How do you delete your call logs and messages from Smartline?

There currently isn’t a way to do this. But this feature will be updated soon on the next version.

What happens if you go over my monthly allotment?
  • Any minutes over your monthly allotment will be billed in 6-second increments at $0.03 per minute.
  • Any texts over your monthly allotment will be charged at $0.01 per text (applies only to outgoing texts on the SmartLine Basic plan).

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