GoDaddy Web Design Review – Create your Dream website

Needless to say, GoDaddy is a service provider for web-based services in the industry. The operations handled by the company are many times larger than any other domain registrar you will find online. Currently, the company services about 45 million domain names and the count is rising each passing day. Apart from providing domains names, the company also provides web design services to help small to medium sized businesses get maximum returns on their investment. In this GoDaddy Web Design Review, we’ll talk about the features that you get with this web design product.

GoDaddy Web Design Review – Create your Dream website

Hosting Package

The web design service also offers web hosting service for clients looking for full fledged and functional website. The web hosting incorporate features like email, blogging, database and many more. No other web-hosting service in the market can match the depth and breadth of Go Daddy’s set of feature. This is the major reason that they have become one of the prominent players in the industry.

However, you should not expect to get access to all the features in the basic package. Many advanced features are only accessible on additional monthly fees. The shopping cart software is one such example. GoDaddy’s web hosting service is powerful, attractive and quite convenient.

The features like email and database are likewise capped. In case you are looking for unlimited features, the price tag may also get a bit steep. Those who only want a few additional features can look for Go Daddy’s menu.

GoDaddy does not offer much in terms of storage in the Economy Plan. In fact, most small businesses aren’t likely to exhaust the 10GB allotment, but the ambitious ones will require getting an upgrade.

The Deluxe Plan, however, offers much more in terms of features, but there are still storage limits. The Unlimited Plan is the master of all. You get unlimited storage and bandwidth, but with limited databases. In short, GoDaddy is a great platform for small to mid-sized ventures.


GoDaddy features offer a lot of scope for beginners to help them easily set up their website. It also offer additional website creation tools for advanced website developers. The solutions offered by Go Daddy include support for several programming languages such as CGI (Python and Ruby), ASP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, FrontPage extensions and ColdFusion.

GoDaddy has left most of the internet marketing tools out from the low-priced hosting plans. However, it does offer different sections of the website to the users. Those who want to market their website through email marketing may need to expand their efforts once they hit the benchmark of 5,000 emails a year. The GoDaddy Web Design also offer services for SEO tools, as well as search engine submission for additional fees. Every GoDaddy plan includes statistics information and website raw access logs.

All Plans Include

Ease of Use  

GoDaddy is extremely easy to use. The domain manager, file manager and database manager seems quite fantastic. In fact, online file managers are also quite flexible. Even though it does not do it all, but it is appealing equipped with wide array of features. However, note down that some of the things require some time to setup. Those who wish to create new databases may have to suffer from 24 hours delay.

GoDaddy Web Design Review – Create your Dream website

Help and Support   

The web hosting service that GoDaddy provides along with its website designing comes with a wide range of helpful features and support. These can be accessed at any hour of the day. The online FAQs section contains wealth of knowledge for both newbies and advanced users.

You may also contact the customer service representative team of Go Daddy’s through phone or email. This is a quite big company, already managing millions of domains for clients all around the world. Go Daddy’s help and support team is pretty quick to respond and the expected response time for written communication is typically within 24 hours.

GoDaddy Web Design – Summary

GoDaddy is a quite worthy competitor when we talk about website designing and hosting industry. Given the immense reputation of the company that it has managed to build in the last couple of years, this service provides all necessary website creation tools including site creation tools, secure facilities, server access and data servers.

The setup process is also pretty straightforward. It offers option for all levels of management. In short, GoDaddy Web Design proves to be a versatile and efficient provider.

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