Send email from GoDaddy WordPress Hosting, How to do ?

In previous post, you had knew how change primary domain on godaddy wordpress hosting. Next in this post, we will show you how send an email from wordpress admin panel (website hosted on wordpress hosting plan).


How send an email from godaddy wordpress hosting ?

1. First, you needed to install a new plugin. Login to your WP Admin, at Plugins menu at right panel, click to Add New.

step 1 how sent email from godaddy wordpress hosting

2. At Search Box, type “WP Mail SMTP“, then install and active this plugin.

step 2 how sent email from godaddy wordpress hosting

3. Next, at Setting menu, click to “Email” to config this plugin.

step 3 how sent email from godaddy wordpress hosting
From Email: Sender email.
From Name: Sender name.
Mailer: 3 options

  • Send all WordPress emails via SMTP: Use SMTP server for sending email, you can use Gmail SMTP server, it’s fast and trusted. learn how send email using Gmail SMTP. Fill SMTP options same below:
    • SMTP Host:
    • SMTP Port: 465
    • Encryption: Use SSL encryption
    • Authentication: Yes: Use SMTP authentication.
    • Username: your-gmail-account
    • Password: your-gmail-password.
  • Use Pepipost SMTP to send emails: This config for using Pepipost SMTP to send email. If you have an Pepipost SMTP account, let fill them to all fields.
  • Use the PHP mail() function to send emails: This option is most used, it’s using build-in php mail() function to sending email. And, godaddy wordpress hosting also supported it, and as my test result, it’s worked fine 🙂

After config finished, you can click to to Send Test button, if the result as below, you are done 🙂
step 4 how sent email from godaddy wordpress hosting
Okay, Good luck,  my friend 🙂

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