How Subdomains Can Be of Benefit to Your Main Website

A sub-domain name is a third level domain name that is added to an existing domain name, for example, possible sub domains for the domain name could be or You can therefore use subdomains to organize your existing website depending on your business goals. You can also create subdomains that are completely different from your main website.

How Subdomains Can Be of Benefit to Your Main Website

While the use of subdomains has become common place among businesses and business owners, it is important to understand how your business can stand to benefit before you decide to create a subdomain. Here are 06 benefits of a sub-domain that you should know.

1. Your Content

If you have too much content about a certain topic that is crowding your website, it could help to create a subdomain that covers that specific topic. However, in doing this, it is important that you pay close attention to the quality of content. Only create a different subdomain if you are confident that the quality and quantity of information provided will satisfy both visitors and search engine crawlers.

2. Your Ranking

The reason many website owners create subdomains for their websites is so that the subdomain offers a positive impact on their website’s SEO results. Search engines like google usually recognize subdomains as unique websites that are not related to their parent websites or domain name. This means that it is possible to have your subdomain appear next to your website on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This usually has two objectives: Enhancing your website’s legitimacy and also pushing the competition further down the list.

3. Your Niche

Subdomains are usually very focused in what they offer. This makes them perfect for business owners to use highly targeted keywords that are aimed at a very specific niche. These keywords can even be used as the subdomain name.

4. Your Backlinks

Linking to your domain name from your subdomain goes a long way in increasing the number of backlinks that point to your domain. Backlinks (or incoming links as they are also known as), are valued by search engines and increase the value of your domain. They therefore play a major role in your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

5. Your Budget

With subdomains, it is possible to get ‘more bang for your buck’ after you have registered your domain. This is so because instead of registering a new domain name, you would instead create subdomains that are unique in both design and content. For this choice, you’ll get saved your money although the domain price is very cheap at the moment (you may spend just 99 cent for a domain). Then, depending on your web host of choice, you may get a specific number of subdomains for free. You should therefore make sure to ask whether your domain name registration includes subdomains.

6. Your Brand

Subdomains are basically domain names that are built around the domain of your main website. They therefore increase your customer’s sense of trust and familiarity and assists in supporting your brand name. Subdomains are a great way of letting your customer know that the different pieces are still part of the same pie.

How Subdomains Can Be of Benefit to Your Main Website


In your endeavors to create subdomains for your website, you should remember that they are unique addresses that are viewed as independent and separate from the parent domain. You therefore do not receive the same promotion benefits you get for your website. This means that they need their own online marketing strategies to become successful.

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