WordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

There have been increasing complaints from customers regarding slow loading speeds of WordPress sites hosted on GoDaddy. We, therefore, undertook the task of summing up 8 tips that will help you accelerate the loading speed of your WordPress site. If you are one of the many affected by slow speeds on GoDaddy, these tips will be of great help for you.WordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix
A website that loads slowly will not only be a pain for repeat visitors but will also lead to you losing possible customers due to the impatient of people who browse the internet.
Follow the tips below to optimize the loading speed of your WordPress site:

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1. Optimize your homepage to load quicklyWordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

Considering that this is the landing page of your website and so people will be landing here often, it is important that you pay first attention to this. Some means of ensuring the homepage loads fast is by reducing the number of posts, removing unnecessary widgets, and showing only excerpts of posts. Generally, a clean and focused homepage will make for great appearance of your website and decrease loading time.

2. Uninstall unnecessary plugins.WordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

The number of plugins running on a website have a direct effect on how fast it loads. Therefore, if you have more than 10 plugins on your site, you need to take some action. A guide would be to ask yourself what you use the plugin for and the number of times you actually use it. If you think you can do without it, it is better to uninstall it.

3. Optimize your pictures.WordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

These have a great effect on the speed of a site. It means that if your website features images that are not optimized, both the loading speed and bandwidth of your site will suffer. Compressing images to less than 10kb will go a long way in increasing the overall performance of your website.

4. Use PHPMyAdmin to optimize your WordPress databaseWordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

If you do not optimize your database, you will never know how much better performance you could get. This makes optimizing your database a must do for your WordPress website.
To do this: just log into cPanel and find PHPMyAdmin. Next step would be to select your database, click “Check all“, and then choose “Optimize database” from the drop-down box.

WordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix5. Minify the code of your WordPress site

Use of too many lines of code will result in reduced speed for your site. To avoid this, you could remove HTML comments, whitespace, CDATA, and empty elements. Doing this will reduce network latency and consequently reduce the loading time for your site.

6. Move static files to a CDN (Content Delivery Network)WordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

A CDN works by taking all static files you have on your website and then allowing visitors to download them faster from servers closest to them. Some files that can be moved to CDNs include javascript, CSS, and images.

7. Turn on caching for your WordPress siteWordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

Caching your website reduces the server’s workload by saving static files and displaying them to your visitors. This avoids sending numerous queries to the databases and thus reducing the loading time. You will be grateful for using this feature as it will greatly increase your sites speed. Popular plugins you could use with your WordPress site are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

8. Split long posts and comments into several pagesWordPress is Slow on GoDaddy Hosting? 8 tips to fix

It is good practice to split long posts of comments into several pages. Doing this will result in pages that load faster as compared to one gigantic page. You should, however, ensure that your theme supports this before adding the quick tag that indicates where the split will occur.


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