How to Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site to GoDaddy?

There was a time when no one could imagine that website owners can migrate from one web hosting service to another.How to Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site to GoDaddy?» All Web hosting types: some pros and cons!
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However, nowadays most website owners migrate from one web hosting service to another because they are better informed and they know what they want from a web hosting service. So are you wondering why it is so common for website owners to migrate from one website to another? If yes then you are in the right place because in this article we are going to discuss the main reasons why website migration takes place.

1. Frequent downtime.

This is a scenario where a website goes temporarily offline due to maintenance or any other factor. Website servers need to maintain their servers so as to ensure that their client’s website runs smoothly. However, if this process occurs regularly, then it will affect the client who relies on them to earn a living. They may easily lose their patience and decide to migrate to another web hosting company that offers better services to clients.

2. Slow server

This is a very common problem that occurs when huge number of websites are all placed on a shared host. When many websites share a common host, problem such as frequent lagging during data retrieval and slower page loading can easily occur. This will impact negatively on your website because very few visitors will be willing to load your website over and over again without success.

3. Unprofessional or poor customer support.

When it comes to web hosting, excellent customer support is very important if you want to keep your customer and even attract more. If website owners don’t get the customer service that they think they deserve, they will not think twice. They will quickly migrate to another web hosting company that provide better services.

4. High cost.

Another main reason why many customer migrate to other web hosting companies is because of the fee charged to host their websites. If customers realize that there is another web hosting company that offers great services to their customers at affordable price, then will not think twice to migrate to that particular web server. It is natural for customers to be attracted to web hosting companies that offers excellent services at very affordable prices.

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How to Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site to GoDaddy?


– Transfer your wordpress file.

The first thing that you need to do when migrating from word press is to transfer your word press file. This process involves duplicating our word press file and then transferring them from your old host to the new one.

– Migrate WP MYSQL database.

The only way to perform this is by exporting the WP MYSQL data to SQL format first. Remember that it should be under the new server. In other words, all that you are required to do is to import the data into the server. PhpmyAdmin is one of the best platforms to use to import and export MYSQL data at a certain source and destination.

– Reconfigure your wordpress.

You must reconfigure your word press so that it can be able to work with other servers. This is usually done by updating the word press config php. In order to perform this, ensure that you update the name, password and user information of your database to match with the new server

How GoDaddy can transfer your WP website.

Before you do anything else the first thing that you need to do is sign up for a wordpress managed hosting then proceed to GoDaddy to complete your setup. You will then be directed to another website where you will be asked to provide your existing website access information. The good news is that this service is usually free and standard among all web host because it helps the client to set their own site. In addition, this transfer will also allow you to shift your MySQL database, themes, videos, WP plugins, audios and many others to your new web hosting provider. This whole process will take a very short time. To maintain your websites traffic, ensure that you save website backup before you make this move.

In conclusion, if you want to migrate your existing wordpress site, all you need to do is to follow the above mentioned points and you wordpress will be transferred to new location with ease.

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