Linode updates their plans with more Ram, vCPU, and Storage

Linode has updates all their plans with more disk space, with the larger standard plans getting a RAM, vCPU, and storage increase.The High Memory plans come with more RAM. Beside, a new plan – Linode 192GB – has been added to Standard plans.

Linode updates their plans with more Ram, vCPU, and Storage

These updates are listed on the table below

Standard PlansHigh Memory Plans
Nanode 1GB1 GB1 Core20 25 GB SSD1 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$5 / mo ($.0075 / hr)
Linode 2GB2 GB1 Core30 50 GB SSD2 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$10 / mo ($.015 / hr)
Linode 4GB4 GB2 Cores48 80 GB SSD3 4 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$20 / mo ($.03 / hr)
Linode 8GB8 GB4 Cores96 160 GB SSD4 5 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$40 / mo ($.06 / hr)
Linode 12 16GB12 16 GB6 Cores192 320 GB SSD8 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$80 / mo ($.12 / hr)
Linode 24 32GB24 32 GB8 Cores384 640 GB SSD16 TB40 Gbps2000 Mbps$160 / mo ($.24 / hr)
Linode 48 64GB48 64 GB12 16 Cores768 1280 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps4000 Mbps$320 / mo ($.48 / hr)
Linode 64 96GB64 96 GB16 20 Cores1152 1920 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps6000 Mbps$480 / mo ($.72 / hr)
Linode 80 128GB80 128 GB20 24 Cores1536 2560 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps6000 8000 Mbps$640 / mo ($.96 / hr)
Linode 192GB192 GB32 Cores3840 GB SSD20 TB40 Gbps10000 Mbps$960 / mo ($1.44 / hr)
PLANRAMCPUStorageTransferNetwork InNetwork OutPrice
Linode 16 24GB16 24 GB1 Core20 GB SSD5 TB40 Gbps1000 Mbps$60 / mo ($.09 / hr)
Linode 32 48GB32 48 GB2 Cores40 GB SSD6 TB40 Gbps1500 Mbps$120 / mo ($.18 / hr)
Linode 60 90GB60 90 GB4 Cores90 GB SSD7 TB40 Gbps3000 Mbps$240 / mo ($.36 / hr)
Linode 100 150GB100 150 GB8 Cores200 GB SSD8 TB40 Gbps6000 Mbps$480 / mo ($.72 / hr)
Linode 200 300GB200 300 GB16 Cores340 GB SSD9 TB40 Gbps10000 Mbps$960 / mo ($1.44 / hr)

All new plans are available for new sign up. And of course, as always, if you are an existing user you will see a ‘Pending Upgrade' banner in the Linode Manager.

Linode updates their plans with more Ram, vCPU, and Storage

This's a great news for all Linode users, including me :D. I really appreciate the upgrade from Linode. We're hoping and waiting DigitalOcean, Vultr will be have some similar updates :D.

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