50% OFF | $96 Memrise Lifetime Coupon On September 2023

Nowadays, many online language learning applications help you learn a new language quickly and easier than ever, Memrise Language Learning Software is one best of them. This is especially the best time you can save money if you choose Memrise because you can get a Memrise Lifetime Subscription and learn unlimited languages for as low as $96. Pay once – access Memrise courses for life.

Memrise Pro Lifetime Membership For $149

$149.99 ($199.99) - 25% OFF use coupon AUG23LIFE25
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Unlimited Languages
  • Lifetime Access

Paying $149.99 instead of $199.99, you will then own a Memrise lifetime account that helps you learn any language (up to 23 different languages) at any time and unlock all courses and features.

Memrise Discount Codes On September 2023

Memrise Pro Lifetime Account For $169.99
Save an extra 15% on the Memrise Lifetime Pro plan, and pay $169.99 instead of $199.99 as usual. All lessons unlocked, full access to all languages, 30,000 native speaker videos, remove all ads, and more.
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15% OFF
Memrise Pro Lifetime Subscription For 15% Off
Sign up for Memrise Lifetime Plan today and unlock all courses, languages, and features for just $169.99 billed once. You save $30.
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50% OFF
50% off Annual Memrise Pro
Get unlimited access to all content and exclusive features with Memrise Pro Annual Plan and save up to 50% off, paying $44.99/year instead of $89.99.
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Memrise Annual Plan For $3.75/mo
This Memrise deal helps you get an annual plan for as low as $3.75mo and $44.99 every 12 months. Offer valid for new users only.
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Memrise Monthly Plan For $11.99
Get started with Memrise Premium Monthly plan for $11.99 recurring, 23 different languages available for learning on all devices.
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Memrise Pro - Lifetime Plan For $96
You get an extra 30% off Memrise Lifetime Pro and pay $96 instead of the regular price. This plan includes all current and future features of the Pro subscription.
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Memrise Holidays Sale
This Christmas! When you upgrade to Memrise Lifetime, you get an Annual Pro Plan for a friend. Also, upgrade to Annual Memrise Pro, and get one 3-month Pro Plan.
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Memrise Language Learning For Free
Signing up for a Memrise free account, and you can then access limited versions of their official courses.
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(*) Payment options: Credit Cards, Paypal.

Memrise Plans & Pricing

per month
  • Unlimited Languages
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Full Features
  • Real-life words & phrases
  • Listen & Learn from real locals
  • Daily goals & learning reminders
per year
  • Unlimited Languages
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Full Features
  • Real-life words & phrases
  • Listen & Learn from real locals
  • Daily goals & learning reminders

Memrise Key Features

Learn New Words
Learn New Words is a mode that will show you items you have not yet learned in a certain course.
This feature allows you to Learn Grammar and know your Grammar levels when learning a language.
Classic Review
This feature shows you previously learned items in the course and prompts you to review them at the optimal time to strengthen them in your long-term memory. It includes four different testing types: multiple-choice, tapping tests, typing tests, and listening tests.
Speed Review
Speed Review tests you on all the words you have learned so far in the course and need to be reviewed. This is a fun and fast way to review items. If the time runs out, you lose one of three hearts displayed at the top of the screen. The faster you are, the higher your score is for each item.
Difficult Words
This feature will prompt you with words you previously learned and have been marked as difficult. This feature analyses which words you’re having difficulty with so you can practice them during a special session.
Listening Skills
Listening Skills is an audio-only review session that will help you practice your listening skills.
Learn with Locals
In this mode, you will be presented with a video clip of a native speaker pronouncing a phrase or a sentence. It has more than 1,000 videos of native speakers recorded all across the world.
Pronunciation mode is a feature that helps you improve your pronunciation of the language you are learning.
This feature lets you discover a new stream of hilarious bite-sized videos that give you a window into the language and culture you’re learning.
This is an object recognition feature that allows you to use your camera to scan the world around you and discover how things are named in your learning language.

What languages does Memrise offer?

With a single Memrise lifetime subscription, you can access all courses, and features and learn up to 23 different languages simultaneously. However, the features and courses may vary depending on the language of your device.

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. German
  4. Arabic
  5. Korean
  6. Japanese
  7. Turkish
  1. Dutch
  2. Chinese (Simplified)
  3. Italian
  4. Swedish
  5. Portuguese (Portugal)
  6. Russian
  7. Portuguese (Brazil)
  1. Norwegian
  2. Polish
  3. Danish
  4. Icelandic
  5. Japanese
  6. Mongolian
  7. Slovenian
  8. Yoruba

Download the Memrise Language Learning App

Besides, several other good language learning apps also offer their lifetime subscription at affordable this time, so if you’re still looking for a Memrise alternative, refer to these deals:

Memrise makes the language learning process fun for anyone, so more than 40 million people in 189 countries use the Memrise Language Learning solution to learn languages every day.

Happy Learning!

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