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95% OFF Mondly Lifetime Coupon - Free Premium On September 2020

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95% OFF Mondly Lifetime Coupon - Free Premium On September 2020

Mondly Overview

95% OFF Mondly Lifetime Coupon - Free Premium On September 2020Mondly is a digital platform for learning new languages which include a website and apps with free and paid courses. Mondly' language learning platform designed by combining principles of neuroscience with cutting edge technologies, it currently supports 33 languages that can be used in any combination. Since founded in 2013, Mondly is always growing fast and now have over 45 million users in global.

95% OFF Mondly Lifetime Coupon - Free Premium On September 2020

What platforms does Mondly offer for learning?

Mondly offers a variety of options for learning a new language, including:


The primary language learning app created by the company and is what I will focus on as a part of this review.

This learning way will take a scan of your room, and then uses augmented reality (AR) technology to show a teacher and animations for the words that you are learning. It allows you tapping the animations on your device with a 360 view, you can even getting up to walk around them.
This is a virtual immersion tool using VR technology to put you into a simulated situation.
This is a version for businesses of Mondly. It supports bulk subscriptions and has an easy-to-use customizable dashboard to help employers track the learning progress of their employees.
A Mondly's version to help your kids learning a new language with the illustrations used are more kid-friendly and fun.

What Languages Does Mondly Have?

Currently, Mondly has 33 native languages for you choose to learn from, including:

  1. British English
  2. American
  3. English
  4. Spanish
  5. French
  6. German
  7. Italian
  8. Russian
  1. Japanese
  2. Korean
  3. Chinese
  4. Turkish
  5. Arabic
  6. Persian
  7. Hebrew
  8. Portuguese
  1. Dutch
  2. Swedish
  3. Norwegian
  4. Danish
  5. Finnish
  6. Greek
  7. Romanian
  8. Afrikaans
  1. Croatian
  2. Polish
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Czech
  5. Hungarian
  6. Ukrainian
  7. Vietnamese
  8. Hindi
  9. Indonesian

Especially, you can learn one of these 33 languages for completely free with Mondly. Just create a free account, then Mondly will teach you. However, to unlock Premium content and lessons you should upgrade your account to a paid user.

Here how to learn a Mondly Premium language for Free:

How to learn a language with Mondly?

You will have two different platforms to learn a new language on Mondly: The first one for learning is through their web app, and the second is on its mobile app versions. You only need one Mondly's account for both platforms because your learning data will automatically be synced between these.

95% OFF Mondly Lifetime Coupon - Free Premium On September 2020 95% OFF Mondly Lifetime Coupon - Free Premium On September 2020

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