NameCheap Surprise Deals starting on 10/10, What will show up ?

According to the announcement on NameCheap’s twitter, on October 10, 2017, they will launch a Super Deal for all customers can get the maximum savings on their products & services.

namecheap supper deals on 10 october

Besides of their attractive promotions that currently running, like web hosting for just $ 1 a year or 20% off for domain renewals, we do not know exactly what will show up on 10/10. I hope they will offer a more discount for renewal :D, what do you think it will be? I will update this page on 10/10, don’t forget come back to here for results.

Another piece of news, NameCheap’s selling the .XYZ domain again after a year ago that they stopped, see why. The price for 1st registration at just $0.99, renewal cost about $7.88 and $10.88/domain/year for transfers.

namecheap selling xyz again at 99 cents

What will appear on October 10? We’re waiting here to see something interesting to happen from NameCheap 😀

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