Payment Errors With DigitalOcean – Why and How to Fix?

Have you ever gotten the error message while place an order on DigitalOcean? If the answer is NO, you’re in luck, congrats. But if the answer is YES, so it’s time you should know the exact reasons why has it happened and find the right way to fix it.

Payment Errors With DigitalOcean - Why and How to Fix?

Here in this article I will address the most common reasons for the payment errors during place your order on DigitalOcean and present the solution for every case respectively.

Unable to create payment

The issue: The error happens when payment processor of DigitalOcean has getting a denial when trying to charge your card.

The solution: Ask your bank to change this or use another credit card or use Paypal instead.

We were unable to add your payment method – please try again.

The Issue: This happens when you add a DEBIT card as payment method. Or sometimes maybe your card has been expired, or you enter wrong the card number / CCV, or you don’t have enough money on your card.

The Solution: Check your card to ensure it’s active and you have enough money in balance. If all card information entered is correct, then the reason may is your card is Debit card, let chance it with a Credit card or Paypal.

If you still get this error after use another payment method, unfortunately your best option is contact to the support via the link here:

This is a one-time payment that will not recur. Payment may take up to 5 minutes to process.

The Issue: It’s not a payment error. This may occur when you use Paypal for payment method. Maybe you have some credits on your account and it’ll pay for your droplet, instead of having your credit card/paypal charged each month. And whenever you run out of credits, DigitalOcean will use that method of payment you added to top up your DO credits, it’s may Credit card or Paypal.

The Solution: Because it’s not something errors, you don’t need to do anything, just forget it.

Account has been Locked after paid money via Paypal.

The Issue: You account being LOCKED right after you use Paypal to payment, and you received a notification email from DigitalOcean, looks like this:

Payment Errors With DigitalOcean - Why and How to Fix?

The Solution: Digital Ocean do not allow multiple accounts with the same billing information, each account must have unique billing profile and a unique credit card/paypal account. And your profile information can not be the same as on another account. In your case, your newly created account may had the same information with others, so it going through the verification process from the DigitalOcean team. The best option now is drop a ticket to a DO employee to help, link here:

Your Account is Suspended or on Hold

The Issue: This may happens when your Paypal/Credit card balance does not cover the full invoice, or the payment process was not successful with your current payment method.

The Solution: Recheck the money in your credit card/paypal account and ensure it’s enough to pay for your invoice. Note that you will have from the 1st until the 21st of the month to pay the balance in your billing page before the account is hold/suspended. In case you have any issues making payment, you can ask for help from their support team.

Your Credit Card Declined

The Issue: You credit card was declined and you can’t make a bill payment, so your payment is failed.

The Solution: There are many reasons why your credit card may be declined on DigitalOcean, although it used well with other providers. In my opinion, most reasons are come from your bank, so we recommend that you contact your bank to find the root cause. But as I said at above solutions, you can also contact to the support of digialocean for ask.


These are most common billing errors may happens when you place an order on DigitalOcean and in most cases they can be solved with our solutions. If you can’t find your specific problems, let us know via the comment form below then we can discuss that together.

Hope this helps, and don’t forget that you can save even more money on DigitalOcean by use digitalocean coupon during purchase any their products.

Wish you succeed 🙂

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