Register .COM for just $6.4 at GoDaddy – Save up to 41%

In case you can’t use any 99 cent coupon, we will offer a new tip that will help you register your .COM at just $6.4 from GoDaddy, anyone can use it to save money.

As you know, GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, they currently have 14 facilities over the world with 18M customers and 77M domain names under management. They provide their products and services at most of the major markets in the world, like India, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Canada… many more others.

Usually, the price of their products are different in each market area. This is the reason why we must paying over $10 for a .COM domain at U.S market but may be less in other markets. A good news is you can easy switching from your current region to the other by selecting from the drop down list at top left on their site. You can do switches as many times as you want to find a lowest rate of a product.

Register .COM for just $6.4 at GoDaddy – Save up to 41%

The Tip to Grab a .COM for just $6.4

Now you may have already known on how we would use to register .COM domain names at the lowest price, that is change the region and format of your currency when ordering. At the posting time, the best region is Argentina – Español with the currency is Argentine Peso (ARS). I found that GoDaddy is currently selling the .COM domain at ARS.309,99 (~ $8) for this market, no coupon applied.

Register .COM for just $6.4 at GoDaddy – Save up to 41%


After try some best godaddy coupons in this month, I found that we can used the following 40% off codes to get the rate at just ARS.245,63 (~$6.4), a pretty good price for .COM at GoDaddy.

  • GOFKVT01
  • GOFKVT02
  • GOFKVT03
  • GOFKVT04
  • GOFKVT05
  • GOFKVT06
  • GOFKVT07
  • GOFKVT08
  • GOFKVT09
  • GOFKVT10

Register .COM for just $6.4 at GoDaddy – Save up to 41%

I have not try this tip on other products but I think it will be work as well. If you are a Godaddy’s Fan, I hope this small tip will save you some money with GoDaddy. Wish you success, thank for visiting our site.

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